Tuesday, September 30, 2008


When I ordered my new trike from www.wizwheelz.com the trikes were out selling production capacity. I was told to expect delivery in a couple months but it actually came in about six weeks. I was so happy getting it early! Now, six weeks later, it is still in the box. Why? Frankly, I don't have the slightest idea of how to even shift the gears. I've never seen "tab" shifters--two no less. The last thing I want to do is to "experiment" with this beautiful trike. And, the rear rack was back ordered and has just come. My youngest son, Todd, lives about 400 miles south in Cincinnatti. He will be a whiz on my new wiz wheels but we haven't been able to work out our schedules. We get together next week. He has the mechanical ability to put on the rack, fenders, pedals, mirrors, head rest etc. He said the 2nd largest bike shop in the nation is nearby from which we can buy shoes and other gear needed for a cross country trike ride. He will install new lithium lighting from www.dinottelighting.com. Best of all, he will not only teach me to ride this new trike--getting the "terra trike grin"--but also make several rides with me during the week on various elevations and traffic conditions. He has even agreed to do a 17 mile ride and an overnight campout in a favorite camp site. That will let me try out some of my newly purchased, ultra light camping gear. When I ruptured a disc in my lower back a few years ago training to do this cross-country on a road bike, I gave my bike to a grandson-in-law along with new bike shirt, pants and helmet. My granddaughter informed me that her husband Mike had not used the clothing or helmet and she kindly returned it to me. I know I am silly but I've been wearing that helmet as I write this blog. Did I say I was eager? I've only got about six weeks of good weather to train for this ride and can't wait to get started.

May the "winds of life" always be at your back and the road down hill. God Bless!


Mark Pierce said...

Dad, I can't wait to see a picture of you on your new trike. I hope you enjoy your trike as much as I enjoy my recumbent bike. Love, Mark

bbmom said...

Walt, I am loving your blog! Cannot wait to see a pic of you on your trike. Love, Nancy