Friday, October 17, 2008


Several years ago a dinner group was organized with six couples from the Easton United Methodist and the Marshallville Trinty Methodist churches. We simply called the group "Out to dinner with friends". We join for dinner each month that neither of our churches has a dinner scheduled, which is 7 times a year. This is a picture of couples at a winter retreat: Walt & Julie, Bill & Carla, John & Donna and Bob & Kathy. Don & Sally were in Phoenix and Carl & Joy were in Florida.
In January, before one couples leaves for their winter home in Hawaii or recently in Phoenix and another in Florida, we have a progressive dinner. We start with appetizers at the furtherest home and work our way back to Barberton having soup and salad at different homes. For the 1st few years Julie and I hosted the main entree but recently another Barberton couple with a larger dining room did the honors. Then we travel to Canal Fulton, Ohio for dessert at the home of our professional baker. This is always the best dinner of the year.

At the progressive dinner we have a drawing to determine which couple will get to pick what restaurant for which month. That couple will then choose a restaurant with unusual character avoiding the usual chains. We have eaten in Mexican, South Seas, Thai, Amish, Wing Houses, Steak Houses, Fish Houses, Speciality Sandwich Shoppes, Wineries and tonight we are again going Italian. The couple who picks the restaurant has the responsiblity to personally check it out in advance, mail sample menus with date and times to the other members. Couples will usually get together to take turns driving. We have eaten within a few blocks of home and we have driven up to 70 miles. If we eat within a short distance of our professional baker she always has the group to her home for dessert. Yum Yum!

In addition to restaurants we have been to different dinner theaters. We have gone on weekend, winter retreats to state park lodges. The latter always with bargain packages with attractive prices. We want to do a dinner cruise on Lake Erie but have not been able to work that one out yet. We have been to country music affairs where we let them know that a "world renowed spoon player" is present, to the chagrin of that individual. We have fun!

Life is enhanced with fun times with good friends. If you are not already part of such a group, your friends may be waiting for you to act? Wha'cha waiting for, huh?

God Bless.

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Jillian E. Pierce said...

Hi Grandpa! I have always admired the fun things you do with your friends. I love you and I love reading your blog! I hope you have a great day!