Thursday, October 23, 2008


Responding to the blog "My First Trail Ride" my friend and high school classmate, Maude (Blankinship) Norris of Simi Valley, CA made a remark about my sticking my son, Todd, with the bill for our lunch. Maude, retired from the Forestry Service, said "remember Walsine, Paybacks are hell". As she was when she got me through senior english by writing my reports, Maude is right!

Ten years ago at the Point Pleasant, WV 50th high school class reunion some fun was had on who in high school had a crush on whom. I said I had a crush on Dottie (Thomas) Campbell and I even had her name tatooed on my arm with a pierced heart. I didn't let the truth get in the way of a good story, it was just that she was not the "Dottie" in the tatoo.

This summer the Class of '48 met for brunch at the Lowe's Inn. It was their 60th reunion. As the class was heading for a tour of a new art museum I showed Dottie some "skin" art, my "Dottie" tatoo with the pierced heart.

The next night at the annual alumni dance I met Dottie's daughter, Angie, a delightful person. Angie asked "are you the Walsine with my mother's name on your arm"? Acknowledging it to be the truth, in mock humility, I hung my head and hid my face with a hand. She said, don't be ashamed, Mom has "Walsine" tatooed across her butt. We all parted with a good laugh.

Later, as Dottie and I were dancing, I commented on what a delight her daughter was and that she had certainly turned that tatoo joke back on me. Dottie, who is still small and cute, paused in dancing, stepped back a bit, looked up into my face and said "You don't know that it isn't true, Walsine". Maude is right, payback is hell! As usual I am still no match for those beauties in the class of '48.

I shared this delightful story with the group of a dozen or more with whom my wife, Julie, and I were sitting. Ginny, a close friend of Dottie, said that Dottie had known the truth all along and they had all had a good laugh about the incident since the last reunion. I received an email from Dottie who urged me to come to the alumni dance next year. You know, I think I'll go. Stay tuned for the next episode and learn from my experience that payback is hell!

Acts 2:17 "Young men see visions while old men dream dreams".

I must still be young at the age of 77 because I have a vision of getting this "ball back in my court" next summer.

God Bless!

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