Wednesday, October 15, 2008

SCOOT-E-POOTIN - The first trail ride

TRIP DISTANCE - 8.5 miles
TIME: Moving 55 Minutes / Stopped 62 Minutes
SPEED: Maximum 14.5 mph / Average 9.2 mph

On a perfect fall day Todd and I rode the Lil' Miami River Bike Trail. The trail is alongside the National & State Scenic Little Miami River. It was ideal riding on a good surface, level and in the shade of a hardwood forest. The trail is 80 miles in length but we rode only from Fosters to Loveland, Ohio.

I pulled a cheap trick on Todd when we had lunch outside at a nice neighborhood cafe. I had told Todd that I would buy lunch but when we went to the restrauant I realized that in my new bike clothing there was no pockets. I didn't have a cent. Todd bought. It was a lovely lunch. It had that "free" taste which I love. Todd will remember so I won't be able to work that trick again.

While Todd was riding with his friend Scott this morning I rode about 10 miles just around the neighborhood. I am encouraged to believe that if I can now ride 20 miles as out-of-shape and inexperienced as I am then 3 months from now I shall be able to ride the first day of the Southern Trek trail which is 37 miles from San Diego to Alpine, CA. That trail is level for 20 miles and then climbs about 4,000 feet in the last 17 miles. I plan to leave early and spend the first night in a motel. Although I have a lot of work to do, I am eager to start.

The trike performance was perfect with Todd finally hitting the sweet spot with seat ajustment. Although it was level riding I never exceeded 70% of my maximum heart rate which I found to be quite interesting and a new experience. I love my Terra Trike. Gas consumption, zip! I'm part of the solution, Wizwheels.

Pictures to follow when Todd finds time to add them for me.

May you know the exciting experience and joy of new trails in your life.

God Bless!

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bbmom said...

Way to go Walt. I can just see riding that trike with the wind at your back - which is always the easiest way to ride :) Cannot wait to see pics posted. Love Nan