Saturday, October 11, 2008

SCOOT-E-POOTIN: Trike Assembly I

Supposedly a new Terra Trike can be removed from the box, adjust the seat, put air in the tires and "ride baby, ride". I am now in Cincinnatti where my youngest son, Todd, has put in two 10 to 12 hour days adding "goodies" to and adjusting my trike. He has installed 3 fenders, (thanks WizWheels for adding the 4 fender struts under the disc brakes), a Polar CS100 computer/heart monitor, a rear rack, two mirrors, a bottle holder, a seat bag, clipless pedals, clips to my new shoes, and a flag. He has also removed the wax from and lubricated the chain. He has adjusted the trike all over including the seat and great attention to the brakes. Thanks son!

It was nearly dark on the second day when first Todd followed by his wife, Amy, and I all got our "Terra Trike Grin" tenatively riding around the block. It was fully dark when Todd took the trike up the street a couple blocks for a speed run. He shouted in pure joy as he flew by Amy and I. He returned to the driveway saying he couldn't read the unlighted computer to see how fast he was going and put on his helmet light. On the second run he shouted "24.9" as he flew by us. Todd then put lights on the bikes and the trike and the 3 of us went for a neighborhood ride. I love my Terra Trike.

May you find your "grin" as you go scoot-e-pooting through life.

God bless.

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