Saturday, October 11, 2008

SCOOT-E-POOTIN: Trike Assembly II

My son is a senior pastor and will have taken 4 days off work to host me in his lovely home and assemble my new trike. He rides a Rans Rocket and his wife rides a Rans Tailwind, both recumbents. Todd rode over 4,000 miles last year and may surpass that this year. They ride year around with Amy saying she perfers riding in the winter.

The seat required four adjustments before hitting the "sweet spot". The brakes have required frequent tweeking. Todd said that the steel cables on a new bike was like new steel strings on my banjo, a lot of tuning is necessary before they stop stretching. I still have a bit of brake steering to the left. Todd has agreed to make time in November to complete the installation of lights, locking brake levers--the velcro locking method is a real pain, WizWheels--and other goodies.

Todd gave me two lessons in repairing a flat tire. I am not at all confident at this point. I have a lot of experience garnered since the late 30's in patching tubes. Removing and replacing the rear drive wheel will take some getting used to doing.

My son Mark rides a Tour Easy recumbent and we will ask him to join us in a ride in November.

I've found that life is also like the steel trike cables or steel banjo strings. A lot of "tweeking" is necessary. May your tweeks all bring you joy.

God bless.

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