Saturday, November 15, 2008


My granddaughter, Jennifer Susan, sent a message, including her picture with a pup, to our newly discovered cousin, Cheryl. In a reply, Cheryl commented on the picture and inquired if Jennifer was also her cousin. Yes, Cheryl, Jennifer is certainly your cousin. Indivan Pierce, born on August 2, 1824 is Jennifer's great, great, great grandfather. She is a descendant of Indivan's son William Henry. As near as I can figure, Cheryl, Indivan is also your great, great, great grandfather and you are a descendant of Indivan's daughter Deborah. Jenny is the very epitome of what the family refers to as being a "Pierce".

It has been said that dog's often resemble their owners and I believe it has merit. My dogs have been Airdale Terriers. This breed of dog is out front, fearless, affectionate, gentle, fun loving and loyal to the death. This is a perfect description of my last airdale, Jake, named after Jake Holman in the novel and movie The Sand Pebbles.

Jake was faultless! Even as a 7 week old pup he never once fouled in the house. He finished first in each of the four levels of obedience classes at Papp's Obedience School. He competed in obedience trials over a three state area and finished first with one exception. Once when returning from the Long Down I stepped upon Jake's tail. Jake didn't budge but the judge charged me with 5 points for handling error. Jake still came in second with a fabulous 193 and at the next trial beat the dog that finished first. He earned his AKC CD at 18 months.

Jake was not foolish. Twice he growled and barked in the middle of the night and without hesitation I immediately called the police. He accompanied me on two solo north woods canoe expeditions. On the first trip he was only a 9 month old pup and he kept me in stitches. One night on that trip he went to the edge of the campfire light, bared his teeth and growled a fierce challence at something I didn't know was there. He died last year at 13 1/2, old for an airdale. I miss Jake! I'll get my next airdale in the spring when I complete my trike trip. When the family refers to being a "Pierce" we are referring to the same traits that Jake had.

The Pierce women in general have been strong minded, strapping, big girls instead of petite, compliant cuties. When young, Dad's sister Blanch was drop dead gorgeous, but most of the Pierce women were not. Like great, great Aunt Deborah, most had a dominant character. My sister, Elizabeth, when widowed with 3 small children at age 42, drove 46 miles daily to St. Mary's School of Nursing in Huntington. Sis was certainly a strong, strapping big girl who could crack your ribs with a bear hug. She finished 1st in her nursing class

But some of the small girls are also imbued with the Pierce traits. My daugher, Kimberly, is the size of a well-used bar of soap. She made the pee water flow freely down the leg of a foolish Philadelphia cab driver who tried to fleece us. The correct fare was $10, he asked for $65. Before her brothers or I could react she had her nose within 6 inches of the nose of the dishonest cab driver and effectively explained the facts of life as only a Pierce can do.

Thankfully, the current lot of girls have imput from other relatives. Kimberly has the size, beauty and singing ability of her mother and also her maternal grandmother. I don't know of any of the older Pierce's who could sing--I sure can't. Granddaughter Bethany inherited her mother's artistic ability and her sister, Christy Anne, a college senior, her mother's beautiful singing voice. Jennifer, a grad of Mt. Vernon Nazarene College, inherited empathy from her mother, aunt and grandmother who are all RNs. "Rosebud", Delaney Rose Pierce Boggs, Kimberly's 7 year old, may be small but is she ever in your face tough!

Although these girls, along with independant Jessica, a 1st year nursing student and Jillian, a college junior who composes beautiful blogs, are each somewhat different, they all have two things in common: They are each natural born leaders and they never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Bethany, an English Prof at Miami of Ohio, is an acclaimed artist and also a published author of fiction. She is engaged to be married to a young doctor next March. So, Cheryl, these are the girls who all are pleased to call you cousin.

As they say in old 'Erin, "Ten Thousand Welcomes!"

God Bless!


Mark Pierce said...

Dad, I'm getting ready to go out on the Crossroads platform and preach the first of three services this weekend. I decided to check your blog before I went out. Thanks for writing so faithfully. I love reading it. And tonight, it provided the perfect diversion. I love you! Thanks, Mark

Phatmom said...

Even though it's several generations down the line, I feel like a genuine Pierce! Thank you for the "introduction" to my female cousins. All of them sound like fascinating and wonderful people! I hope I can meet them one day. Y'all sound like a pretty awesome bunch! :)
God Bless,