Monday, November 10, 2008


Recently I posted about making the acquaintance of a new, distant cousin, Bridgette. Yesterday I once again electronically made the acquaintance of another new, distant cousin, Cheryl. Like Bridgette, she was researching my great grandfather's given name, Indivan, and was referred to my new blog. How wonderful!

In the picture, at son Austin's college graduation, are son James, Cheryl, Austin and husband Jack. Cheryl is also going to college.

In my "Bridgette" blog I mentioned that she was descended from Catherine, one of the four children of Indivan's first wife, Elizabeth, called Betsy. Cheryl is descended from Deborah, one of the four children from Indivan's second wife, also named Elizabeth and called Betsy. Deborah was my grandfather's sister. It is truly exciting hearing from these distant relatives. I look forward to sharing information with them and, the good Lord willing, meet them some day. After all, we're cousins you know.

Meeting one of Deborah's descendants was especially enjoyable. The family quite frequently refers to this great aunt of generations past. Great Aunt Deborah, or Debby as she was known, was considered a great cook. The only question was whether the food was actually good or was it just that she took so long to prepare the meal that everyone was starved. This story has survived down through the years and is being perpetuated by my great grandchildren. When a meal seems to be slow in coming the cause is referred to as the "Debbie Factor". The children use this statement on me most of the time. UMMM Poor Aunt Debby!

Cheryl, welcome to our family. You are one of us. We are sometimes loud and rowdy but always fun loving and loyal. We are true family loving people. We love you and not only look forward to sharing information but to also meet you. If I am able to complete my cross country trike trip my wife Julie will drive the van to Myrtle Beach to bring me home following a short beach vacation. Over the last 20 years we have spent 18 Octobers at the same condo. On the way home we have always spent a night at Wytheville, VA. If things would work out, perhaps we could go a bit out of the way driving up I95 and spend a night in Richmond and visit with you. Just a thought. Do you ever get back to Mason County, WV? That is about 3 hours from my home and I'd be pleased to take you to Indivan and Elizabeth's grave site.

Hopes of "High Cotton"? Maybe! But remember that as one ship sails east and another sails west by the self same winds that blow. 'Tis the set of the sails and not the gales that determines which way she goes. Bridgette, Cheryl and I have all sailed different courses but we will now set our sails to one day cross paths. Huh, cousins?

God Bless!


Phatmom said...


Thanks so much for the warm and lovely welcome! I feel blessed to have "met" you even if only online. Yes, we'll definitely get together next time you are down this way. I never dreamed I would be getting to know anyone from the Pierce side of the family and I am truly glad! God is good!

Jennifer said...

Excellent! A new cousin! Welcome to the family Cheryl.

Phatmom said...

Thank you, Jennifer! :)
I'm so happy I found more family members, even though we've never met. I hope we will one day! Very cute pic of you and the doggies. And are you my cousin, too?