Monday, November 3, 2008

SCOOTIE-POOTIN: A Friend in Need, A Friend Indeed!

Up and at'em again today with my painful but improving inflamed siatic nerve. It was a good ride. I rode for a couple blocks right through the downtown area. No Sweat. I feel more secure on this trike than I ever did on a bike.

I learned again today. Using one of two sets of new bike tools my son Todd had me buy, I adjusted the head rest to fit me perfectly. It had been too low. With my neck now nestled comfortably in the curved padded rest I commenced to pedal. The immediate vibration, even on a relatively smooth surface, shook up all three of my brain cells. I learned that the head rest is for resting your head when you are not moving, like in reclining for a nap in the shade with your feet locked into the pedals and your head laid back. I'm learning!

But, this blog is about a friend-in-deed. My blog quality suffers from a lack of pictures. I'll correct that soon. I've had messages and emails wishing to see a picture of me on my trike. As I rode by a local print shop today, a family owned business of my friend Cindy, I parked the trike and went inside. When Cindy, and OSU Grad, saw me with my helmet and bike clothes she enthusiasticaly grabbed a camera and headed for the door. She was so excited about the trike that it excited me. Of course I excite easily. UMMM She said she would email the pictures she took of me reclining on the recumbent so I could add them to my blog. BB Mom and all the rest of you who have requested pictures, watch Cindy come through for me. Now, if I can just figure out how to put an email picture on the blog. UMMM Again!

This trike is such a novelity that dogs bark and people shout at me as I pass. Mostly, I don't understand them and just smile and wave back. One guy, sitting on the stoop with his wife, however, shouted "where's your remote? I'm sure you've got a TV there someplace". Fun!

Okay, Cindy, where's the picture?

A favorite Irish Blessing of mine says: "Sure and now may the hand of a friend always be near you and may your family always cheer you". Thats my wish for you today.

God Bless!


bbmom said...

To Walt (tell it like it is) Pierce. You go Walt. And i am still waiting for that pic and maybe a hug. :) Love, Nan

Spinner said...

FRIENDS is what it's all about;) if you have the time check out my fund raiser page
/davidhenry Thanks!

Unknown said...

OK, Walt, I've sent the pictures, so now onto the challenge of inserting them into the blog :) Perhaps a good project for one of the upcoming rainy days!