Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Total Time of Ride: 1 Hr. 45 Min - Distance:11.5 Miles
Average Speed: 8.2 MPH - Top Speed: 20 MPH

As can be seen from the above, headway has been made in understanding the computer/heart monitor. Not much headway but enough for the above information. Judging from the mile markers I would have thought I had rode for over 12 miles. Hitting such a high top speed I would have thought I had averaged maybe 10-12 MPH. My Heart Rate was well within the "Under 80%" level.

Each ride brings new information. I rode on the Erie Tow Path Bike & Hike path. There were hills, not high, but hills, and sharp bends. There was a lot of pedal & foot traffic. I used my bell a lot as I passed up everyone, uh, everyone that was walking or running, that is. All the bike riders breezed by me. As I topped a hill a runner I was overtaking actually started to pull away from me. UMMM. I used all three of my bike gear rings. I really didn't need my little granny gear but I wanted to use it. I was impressed by how much faster the trike was in the big gear. Mostly I stayed in the middle gear. I learned not to pay attention to what others are wearing. Most were in T-shirts or less. I shed a layer. Coasting along in my "Lawn Chair" I needed that layer. A lot of people checked out the trike and made kind comments.

There is no doubt at all about the most vivid lesson of the day. Do not, make that DO NOT, eat a McDonald's McChicken and B I G coffee just before starting an hour's ride in a heavily populated area. I'll let you figure that out. As ever, I had fun. Julie called me at 5:05PM as she does every evening to say she is or is not on the way home. Tonight she worked over until 8:30PM. She asks the same question, ie, "where are you and what are you doing". As ever I told the exact truth when I replied "I'm alone in the woods and a beautiful girl in black is running to me". She didn't even reward me with a HUH? She said you're riding your trike. We've been together entirely too long. I didn't even have to explain that once the girl got to me she kept on running. How Sad!

Other than my liquid intake lesson, I did come to understand some important facts. I have started to ride an hour and a half every other day. Then I planned to ride two hours two out of three days. Reality Check Time! That is probably too agressive. I am blessed with extremely well developed leg muscles but I'm using some muscles I didn't even know I had. And, I discovered knees! I need to make progress but I think an increase to 2 hrs every other day will be adequate for another week. Prudent progress! Slow but sure!

Also, I drove nearly 40 minutes to get to this trail. A fun ride but not the riding experience I need. I will be doing very little riding on designated bike ways on my cross country trek. Riding from home with some traffic will be closer to my upcoming journey. I'll go back to that.

It was warm today. I've often learned from watching my son, Mark. I came home, stripped and threw my sweaty clothing in the washer. I've often seen him do this. My kids are so smart! Also, yesterday I ordered new locking brakes for the trike and foul weather gear, a jacket, pants and helmet cover. Rainy weather is on the way. Got some mail a'coming. Fun Fun Fun

1 Tim 4:15 "Be diligent in these matters: give yourself wholly to them, so that everone may see your progress". I'm making progress. MAY YOU HAVE THE PROGRESS YOU DISIRE!

God Bless!


Jillian E. Pierce said...


I love your sense of adventure. When I tell my friends my grandpa is riding on his trike everywhere they say, "Your grandpa is so cool!" :)

Way to be cool Grandpa. Don't stop going on adventures. I love you!


Mark Pierce said...

Good morning Dad. I'm so enjoying your blog. Keep up the writing. It's good. I'm loving your reports of your rides. I can SOOO identify!

On the "how much to wear" front, the rule of thumb for me when I'm running is to add 15 to 20 degrees to whatever the temp is. In other words, if it's 50 degrees I dress as if it's 65 to 70 degrees. The bike is a little different because you will experience wind coming at you that can create a chill. So with the bike I use the same rule of thumb for running as far as layers are concerned, but anything under 60 degrees I wear or bring a wind breaker kind of jacket. You really want a nice one - something that you can crumple up into a small ball for carrying AND something that breathes well. I can't tell you how much I've used mine over the years. Love you! Mark