Saturday, November 1, 2008


The cry rang out, "Man in the House", much like "Captain on the Bridge". I had just walked into the after effects of an afternoon tea. The eyes of those half dozen ladies all centered upon me. As I am suffering with siatica and couldn't help, as in years past, I'm sure they wished it would have been any other willing man. Like Ray's Dad in "Everybody Loves Raymond" all I was there for was to eat the leftover goodies.

Thank goodness the "tea" is over for another year. Maybe our house hold can get back to normal. I mean, Dwight Eisenhower invaded Normady with fewer meetings and consultations than those ladies did with their "tea". After all, it is not an Army-Navy game or Ohio State vs "That Up North Team", (Michigan to all you non-buckeye fans). It was a "tea".

There had been forty in attendance. The ten individual tables were splendid, each table with a different theme. The food, devine, but soooo little! They extended a beautiful platter of sandwiches to me. I ate my way through at least eight of those little boogers. Little, bittsey sandwiches. Cucumber and cream cheese, ham salad, egg salad and chicken salad, I don't know what all. It looked great and tasted delicious, but each "sandwich" was only a "bite" to a hungry man. Oh, yes! There were three kinds of soup, including a cheese noodle soup, my favorite. My good friend, Kathy, uh that is Kathy the retired school teacher, not Kathy our nearby neighbor, heated the soup up in the microwave for me. A whole "cup" of it. I could have eaten the entire container, skip the cup. Deserts! I felt like the little boy who fell into the molasses barrel. Covered with the sticky, sweet molasses he looked heavenward and prayed, "God make my tongue equal to the task at hand" I did my best but could only do a half dozen or so.

My wife Julie is blessed with many friends, individuals and small groups. With one group of about six ladies she makes out-of-town trips a couple times a year, or so. Toronto to see the production of Phantom of the Opera, or to Atlanta City or the Falls for a weekend of gambling. Then there is the six couple dinner group. Somehow I got included there and love it. That group goes where they serve real food! Then she has a group of four who go to tea rooms, museums, tea rooms, giant flea markets, tea rooms, almish country and did I mention tea rooms?

Once Julie insisted that I accompany her to Miss Mollie's Tea Room in Medina, Ohio. She just knew I would love it because it was her favorite. I was the only man in the room. There was another male in the room but I don't think he had come out of the closet yet. I felt guilty myself, as if I had just been found out. And the price! I could have had a good steak at the Longhorn Steak House for what that "tea" meal cost me.

Looking on the positive side, its over for another year. And, bye-the-bye, welcome to the blog, Dee. You are my friend too, huh? Soul Mates, yet!

May your life be blessed with friends with whom you may share your joys.

God Bless!

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