Saturday, December 6, 2008

BEST LAID PLANS OF MICE & MEN: Gang, aft agley

Famous words by Robert Burns. He was from Scotland. Another quotation says that the only two good things coming out of Scotland was single malt whiskey and the road to England. No question about that person's home land. Being of Irish descent, a close cousin of the Scots, and fellow Celts, I know you can't put any trust in what an Englishman says. None-the-less, it is true that the best laid plans of men gang, aft agley, oft go astray.

True also, in my opinion, is that "If you plan something, it may not happen but if you do not plan something it surly won't happen". And, thus it is with my plan to start my cross country trike trip on February 1, 2009. It has gone astray! But the key to good planning is to always have a contingency plan. I have that.

My back problem is worse than I wanted to believe. I have been to the therapist three times so far. I will probably require six weeks of therapy. It appears that I have a disc that is pinched on the right, outside and also in the rear. The pinch to the side is what is causing me the pain in my right leg and it must be relieved before the rear pinch can be relieved.

This weekend I am to do three reps of 20 twists to the left while sitting on the edge of a kitchen chair. I am also to do five reps of lying face down and arching my back up while on my elbows, holding for a slow count of ten. I am to do these exercises every hour! Also, I am not to use the computer, Boo!, sit in a chair, or lie on my back. Nor am I to carry anything, even a jug of milk. Thank goodness for Julie Ann!

The excruciating pain of this therapy begs discription. The stress generated by the pain is in and of itself dangerous. I am using vicodin this weekend. While taking treatments with the therapist, however, I cannot take any medication because their yardstick of correction is the extent and location of the pain.

What I am striving to do this weekend is to relieve the pain in the leg which they warned me would greatly increase the pain in the back. Although it is the way to correct the problem, at this point, it is strictly a lose-lose situation. I have appointments for every other day next week and will probably be going to the therapist beyond the new year.

The Best Laid Plans, gang, aft aglea! I must be able to spin the pedals for at least 4 hours-a-day to condition myself for this ride. And, I need to do that daily for at least six weeks before the start of the trip. The plans for the February 1 departure calls for shipping the trike six weeks from now. Do the math! I still have every intention of riding my trike cross country. I'll just use a contingency plan of doing it six weeks later.

I had planned to return from where ever I was on the trip, probably East Texas, for my grand daughter, Bethany's, wedding on March 7th. My new plans are to ship the trike on March 9th and fly to San Diego on March 14th and start the ride on March 16th. My return home will be moved up to May 20th from April 18th.

Julie will not meet me in Phoenix. Our condo, which is $1,2oo a month out-of-season is $1,200 a week in season. May is beyond the out-of-season rate period. Therefore, we probably won't spend time in Myrtle Beach. Everything has changed! Incidently, Bethany has her second book coming out soon. The cover has aready been designed. What a sweetie! All my granddaughters are sweeties!

I have informed my daughter Kimberly of the change. She has a business trip planned near my new departure date so I doubt that she can now see me off. I will notify my classmate, Maude, who lives within driving distance of San Diego. She was going to see me off. Her son-in-law, Gary is still working and he may not be able to reschedule their date. I'll understand.

I can use the extra time, quite frankly. I am pushed to get everything I need for the trike and to have it installed. My panniers should arrive Monday but I still have some items unordered. The change, however, would effect my plans for the summer if I get home much later than mid May.

I have a brand new garden tiller and plan to put in a huge garden next summer. My garden is at the families lakeside retreat. While previously spending only a couple days a week at the lake, somebody stole all the polebeans from my last garden. I want to can my next crop. Next summer I plan to live at the lake full time and work on writing the family history. I need to have my garden ready to plant Memorial Day.

Gang, aft agley? Hardly!

Romans 8:28 "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God......"

God Bless!


Mark Pierce said...

Dad - I'm glad you've made the decision to postpone. I'm so sorry your back is in such pain. Sad to say, I do know what you're going through. At least your Navy came through for you in a BIG way today! All my love, Mark

Walt Pierce said...

Yep, Navy was great! So was WVU. Now its Go Bucks! Probably against Boise--for whom I've been cheering all year. Thats about to change, huh?


Phatmom said...


I really enjoy your take on things...politics, the economy, life in general. I hate that you have to postpone your trip. God has a plan.

Hey, say a prayer or two for my mom, please. She's been in the hospital almost a month now, ever since we went to visit them before Thanksgiving. Her name is Nan.

I'm praying for your back issue and for Mark & his family.

God Bless,
Cousin Cheryl