Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Yes, today I was crowned!

You may recall that in November I had a near "coronation day" but somehow the crown was broken. The installation of that new dental crown was anything but quick and painless. Today, however, it could not have been better. In fact, it was much easier than having my teeth cleaned prior to the installation.

As I awaited my turn for the good doctor's attention I overheard her administering to two other patients. Dr. Pommier lists herself as the "gentle" dentist. She should also list herself as the "patient" dentist. If she said "open your mouth", "please open your mouth", "open wide now" once she said it dozens of times. You could literally hear the compassion with each request. When it was my turn my first question was to ask the age of this patient. It turns out that it was a youth with a mental problem. How blessed I felt as I did my best to also smile as I kept my own mouth open.

The patient just before me was a woman. She was so cooperative. Afterwards she expressed her appreciation far better than I am able to do. She knew as I know how fortunate we are to have such a wonderful professional making our lives better with good dental care.

The subject of blogging came up with Melody, the dental assistant, who cleaned my teeth. I told her that I had blogged about the first attempt to install the crown. She complimented me on being a blogger at my age and said that the doctor wasn't a computer person but that she would make a copy of the article for her boss.

Yup! Now, that I am crowned I feel like royalty. Thanks Dr. Pommier. Thanks staff.

1 Thessalonians 5:12-13 "Respect those who work hard among you.....hold them in the higest regard in love because of their work."

God Bless!

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