Friday, December 19, 2008


There was a serious ice storm this morning. Our back deck was a sheet of ice, very slippery. As we are back to one car, (I'll get a battery for the van today), I had to take Julie to work and use the Lincoln to go to therapy. As I slip and slid into the therapist, the parking lot was mostly empty as was the office. Even the associate therapists hadn't made it in. But I was there, so was Vince, the chief therapist and Josh his #1 assistant.

Josh reviewed my week. He put me through the standard exercises, sitting on the edge of a chair, twist left 20 times for 2 sets, still sitting on the chair bend forward slowly extending my hands and arms down and back under the chair 5 time for three sets, then repeat the twists. Then the ususal walk, describing the pain. It was nil.

Recalling that I plan to start my cross country trike ride 10 weeks from next Monday, Vince told Josh to concentrate seriously on strength development. For a bit over an hour I was put on this machine and that machine, I did excercises using muscles I don't think have ever been disturbed. It was brutal! Something like two-a-days in preseason football practices. At last, the-end-of-the-session review with Vince which would normally have been it for the day.

Vince told Josh, to put me through another session of strength development. All new bends, twists and stretches. I walked on tread mills, rode recumbent trikes and extended my body over this and that equipment. After 45 minutes or so Josh took me back to Vince for a second review. Clearly Josh thought he had sufficiently put me through the wringer. Then Vince said a curious thing.

Vince said what I had been through would have been more than enough for the average person but, he said, Walt is an athlete. Put him through another session. I think we can have him ready for his upcoming cross country ride. Wow! I immediately got on an emotional high. In my youth I was an athelete but that was 60 years ago. By anyone's yardstick today, however, I am an old man! Back to the strength sessions for a third time. Talk about two-a-days! A remembered love-hate relationship with a lot of pride mixed in!

I am now on a once-a-week appointment schedule, probably will be until I depart for California. They sent me home with the most indepth instructions this week for once-a-day, at least an hour in length, excercises. I am also to ride my trike at least 5 minutes, 4 times a day. Six weeks of this regimin and I will not be the same man I was before my back was injured in September. And all under the eyes of a professional trainer, if you will. Wow Again!

It goes without saying that when I got home I was beat. Two hours later I hit the vicodin to get me through the pain. I bet I sleep well tonight and tomorrow's another day. UP & AT'EM!

Vince Lombardi:
"The quality of a man's life is in direct proportion to his commitment........"

God Bless!

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Phatmom said...


You inspire me! First of all, I want to be more like Jesus, but secondly, when I'm 77, I want to be like you! Keep up the good work, Cousin! I think it's awesome!

God bless,