Thursday, December 18, 2008


Matthew 25:40 "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of my children ye have done it unto me".

At breakfast this morning, as per usual, Julie gave me my orders for the day. Today it was "Mail the package to Cookie" and go to Office Max and buy ink for the printer and get out the letters on the upcoming progressive dinner. Yes Mam! Right away, mam!

She also said she didn't know what it would cost to mail the package but she thought I was running low on pocket money so I should go to the bank and get a couple hundred. Well, I hate going to the bank and I assured her I had sufficient funds until she could get to the bank for me. An act of laziness I would live to regret!

Knowing me as well as she does, and being the control freak that she is, she called at 2:00PM to see if I had done my chores. Uh, I was just getting ready to leave dearido. Um, sure. At 3:00PM I headed for the post office and mailed the package for $4.85 postage. Then I headed for Office Max.

At the Barber Road entrance to I76 West was a lone hitch hiker with a pack. The temperature was 24 degrees. He had on a thin coat, no hat, no gloves and looked frozen. My heart was touched and I pulled over. I searched my pockets for gloves to give him but had none.

I'm having battery troubles and wasn't running the heater for these short hops. I had the van in the shop and the alternator was okay. The battery was installed last March and Julie insisted there was nothing wrong with the battery. I learned last night that the battery was installed by her son last March but he had bought it "used" from a junk yard. HMMM! I turned on the heater to thaw the poor guy out.

The hiker was 50 years of age, my children's age. He was an unemployed construction worker from Florida trying to get home to Nebraska. He asked if I had been in the miltary near San Antoine, TX. He said his grandfather owned and operated the barbeque near the main gate of the base.

Now, I will get fussed at for picking up a hitchhiker. But I have been a hitchhiker all my life. When I was in the navy I crossed the USA thumbing more times than I can recall. I still hitch hike when I am backpacking. A few years ago, on a trip down the Ohio River in a canoe, I became "wind bound" 16 miles from my brother's home. I got permission from a Mr. Rouse at Mason, WV to leave my canoe and gear at his home and commenced to hitch hike down Route 2 to Point Pleasant.

I play a game when I am hitching. I'll say to myself that car number so-and-so will stop and give me a ride. Then, I turn on my best smile and commence to count cars. That day I picked car number 25. I was up to car number 27 when a car going the opposite direction stopped, turned around and came back to give me a ride.

It was my brother's step daughter, Rita, and her two children. She fussed at me! She said "Walt Pierce, what are you doing thumbing. You're an old man, old men don't go around hitch hiking. And, besides, no one around here will pick up a hitch hiker". My answer? "Rita, Sweetie, you are wrong! I've been here only a half hour and a really pretty red head has just picked me up." It turned out that her, perhaps 5 year old son, Josh, had recognized me.

Today Mr. Meigs was cold and hungry. Darkness, the bane of hitchhikers, was only an hour or so away. I told him I wasn't going far. He asked if I could maybe take him to a gas station. I'm sure he wanted to get inside and perhaps ask for a ride with a west bound vehicle. I've done that.

I went a few miles beyond my destination to take him to the busy I76/Rt. 94 junction where there is a business strip. I asked if he was hungry to which he replied he was starved. He also said he didn't think he could eat very much. There was a McDonalds at the crossroads. I took him there and started to give him $5.00 for a sandwich. All I had was a twenty and two ones. I went to the drive through, instead, and bought him a #1 with coffee. He thanked me as he headed inside.

I went on to Office Max. When I started home the battery was dead! Oops! I waited a few minutes and cranked it again and it started, barely. I'm so lucky!

Now I am in a nice warm abode, have plenty of food, and my good companion will join me soon. We have left overs from the church "carry in" from yesterday for supper. I am so blessed. And, today I got to do something for Jesus. Wonderful!

It may seem immodest to do a good deed then tell about it. I share the story because it is such a blessing. It also makes me fully appreciate what the good Lord has provided for me and mine.

May you never find trouble,
all crowdin' and shovin'
But always good fortune--
All smilin' and lovin'.

God Bless!


Kimberly Pierce-Boggs said...

Dad, I know I should say "Shame on you" for picking up a hitchhiker, but I just can't bring myself to do it. You are an inspiration!

Walt Pierce said...

Yup! Suzi...and you are just like me, an old softie. HA