Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Truly, I did spend two days in the stir. I put my apple butter in the oven to cook down Sunday evening at 6:30PM. I put it in the jars at 3:30AM on Tuesday. In the interval I stired it every hour. I'm whipped! I had 28 jars, more than enough for the family. I took two cases of apple butter and a case and a half of strawberry jam to the family Chiristmas gathering and told them to enjoy. I'm sure they will.

The apple butter was a disapointment this year. My mother, bless her memory, was known for her apple butter. We lost her in 1983 but I've kept her apple butter recipe alive. Sweet, rich with spices and hot from liberal amounts of cinnamon oil. When the family makes apple butter together adding the oil is a big thing. Kimberly carefully adds it drop by drop until an ad hoc committee decides it is hot enough.

In past years I have taken a couple cases of apple butter to church. Although taken aback, everyone claimed to love it. The way they finagled to get an extra jar I tend to believe them. That would not be the case this year.

I bought two bottles of oil of cinnamon. One would be more than enough but it is quite cheap so I just took an extra bottle. When the apple butter was cooked down sufficiently I added the spices: allspice, ground cloves and liberal amounts of cinnamon--all freshly ground. Then I started to drop in the oil of cinnamon.

Drop by drop, at first, I could discern no change in the apple butter. I ended up putting all of one bottle and half of another without getting any heat added to the flavor and too strong with cinnamon flavor. I messed around with that apple butter until I actually cooked it down a wee bit too much. I had broke the seals on those bottles of oil of cinnamon so it was fresh. I purchased it where I have been buying it for years.

What a dissapointment for the children. Oh well, they'll like the strawberry jam. Julie and I had some of the apple butter on toast for breakfast. It is edible.

Things always work out for the good guys, however. I'm going to make a second stirring for Julie and I and for friends. Will I taste the oil of cinnamon when I buy it? You bet! I can't wait.

Proverbs 13:19 - "A longing fullfilled is sweet to the soul"

God Bless!

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Mark Pierce said...

Dad - Just so you know... no disappointment for me. I loved it! Mark