Saturday, January 17, 2009

EYES ON THE GOAL: Despite obstacles!

When I accepted the obligation a month ago to present a dance program for a party of district leaders and pastors of the United Methodist Church, I could barely walk due to a back problem. I accepted the obligation by faith that I would be well when the time came. I was.

When I started to ask my various Leading Couples to assist me with the reels and square dancing, they were away for the winter, having physical difficulties or had other commitments for this date. My daughter Kimberly and my pastor Ron came to my rescue.

I arrived an hour early at the hall to set up my equipment and watched as people arrived. I was surprised to see children and teen agers. I had expected only adults and had planned the program accordingly.

I quickly explained the situation to the hosting District Superintendant and said I would shift from an adult program to a family program. She agreed and seemed pleased with the versatility. I do lots of family oriented dances.

I had 45 minutes of the evening's program. I had timed out a reel, a progressive round dance, a square dance and a goodnight waltz. Instead I opened the program with "The Chicken" and "The Hokie Pokie". (I completed the program in 43 minutes).

Kids, teenagers and adults--there must have been 40 or 50-- enthusiastic dancers giving it all they had. What fun! All I had to do was handle the music. I did call the Virginia Reel with eight couples, including three teenagers. It went very well. The floor was then filled for the goodnight waltz and my part of the program was over.

After the dinner the pastor helped me carry my equipment out to the van. In addition to the dance program there had also been a talented singer using a guitar and slides. There was also a skillful ventriloquist with a puppet. The pastor confirmed to me what I had already figured out. The dance program was far and away the hit of the party.

The filled business card holder which I had put out was nearly emptied insuring lots of future fun and games.

From a forward from Dottie Campbell, classmate of 1948:

"Should you encounter a problem along the way.......
change your direction but not your destination"

God Bless!

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