Sunday, January 25, 2009

LIFE'S NOT FAIR! I'm jealous, yes I am.

Julie was excited! She had something to tell! She couldn't get it out fast enough!

Julie saw the first robin of spring!

That's right! It is January the 24th, deep snow lay on the ground, the temperature is in the teens and she saw the first robin. That's not fair! I'm supposed to see the first robin! Ask me, I'll tell you. That honor is mine, or at least it should be.

She came out of work with a friend whom she was giving a ride home. She simply looked toward the building and right at the base was a robin digging for his dinner. The friend took two pictures with her cell phone but the distance was too great for a good picture.

For at least upwards of fifty years my brother Henry and I called each other when we saw the first robin. As he lived some two hundred miles south of me, it was usually he who first saw this habinger of spring. Should I, by some miracle, see the first robin and call him he unfailingly replied that "he had been seeing flocks of them for weeks now."

Couldn't believe a word that jay bird had to say. He'd lie about anything, especially fishing. Wish he was still with us so I could tell him that one more time.

What next? The tulips will be pushing their way up through the snow. The grass will commence to take a green tint. The rebud and dogwood will bloom. The maple buds will swell and cover the ground. I love spring. I've lived through another winter. Let the good times roll!

Anne Bradstreet:

"If we had no winter,
spring would not be so pleasant.
If we did not sometimes taste adversity,
prosperity would not be so welcome".

God Bless!

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