Monday, January 19, 2009

MILESTONE ACHIEVED: End of Physical Therapy

When you are faced up with an obstacle in life's journey, change the direction, change the time but do not change the destination.

Last summer when I conceived the idea of crossing the country on the Southern Tier bike trail I set the departure date as February 1st.

I ordered my new recumbent trike and commenced to make detailed plans. I couldn't wait to meet all the different people across the country. (Like this man). In September I injured my back.

Having ruptured a disc five years ago I thought I could now do the exercises necessary to correct the problem. After two months I was really in a bad way and went to my family physician. He sent me back to the Wadsworth Family Therapy, the miracle workers who had helped me before.

When the therapists started to work with me I could only walk for a minute and fifteen seconds before the pain became unbearable. Soon, they had me try riding my trike on the trainer for five minutes. Correction of the back eventually took second place to working to regain my strength.

Today my back pain is gone. I can walk without pain. Last Saturday night I called a square dance. Last week I commenced to ride my trike continuously for an hour. Today I made my last trip to the therapist.

Due to the general physical deterioration that comes with age, my agility will probably never be above 85 percent and my strength above 80 percent. I would rate my agility today at 75 percent and my strength at sixty percent. I was given a long list of specific exercises to increase both strength and agility. There is no restriction on trike riding.

I ran into an obstacle. I changed the time to six weeks later than originally planned. On the way to do the trike ride I had to make a detour to the therapists. I never changed my destination!

Life is good. God is merciful. Let the good times roll!

Reach for the sun. If you miss it you will still end up with the stars!

God Bless!


Phatmom said...

Congratulations Walt! You did it! I'm so glad to read that you are done with therapy. I am looking forward to your updates from the road and reading about your adventures. You rock!
God Bless,

Mark Pierce said...

Dad, it was great to see you doing so much better last night. We REALLY enjoyed our meal with you and Julie. I'm wishing you all the success with your cross country plans. All my love, Mark