Tuesday, January 27, 2009

NO MORE OBLIGATIONS? Who was I kidding?

On January 13th I blogged that, after the scheduled dance program, I would accept no additional obligation until I left for my cross country bike ride on March 13th. Who was I kidding? Myself, who else!

At the UMC Outreach Program it was decided to have a meeting of the congregation to plan events for the coming year. We do that twice a year. We normally do it with a dinner after the worship service. It works out well but it is not well attended by the entire congregation. It was decided to try having a Saturday morning breakfast--Methodists are eaters--and follow up with the planing session.

I only attended the outreach meeting because two people personally asked me to come. The pastor insisted they needed my creative thinking. Yell, sure! My friend, Carla, is my "go to" person. Whatever I need I can depend upon Carla to make it happen. She is a real shaker and mover who always stands four square behind whatever foolishness I'm involved with, and that is often and much. Carla asked me twice to attend the meeting. (I missed the last two).

Before I could control myself at the meeting I said "Lets have a St. Valentines breakfast on Saturday the 14th and Julie and I will cook the breakfast". I commented that people would come for my sausage gravy and biscuits. I've brainwashed the congregation over the years with my bar-b-cue ribs. That was the kind of "creativeness" the pastor was depending upon. Woe is me!

At breakfast this morning I asked Julie if she would go directly to the nearby Cracker Barrel from work this coming Friday. I wanted her to get a table for us and our elderly friends, the Rausenbergs. I wanted to bring Delbert and Connie who are now in their late 80's. They haven't made it to church much in the inclement weather. Delbert can no longer see well enough to drive and his family decides when Delbert and Connie should go out. I miss them in church. I know they miss getting out.

When I get "old and grey" maybe someone will have pity on me?

Less I forget, last Sunday I also told my grandson, Riley, that I'd take him to dinner and a movie for his birthday. Truly, I suffer from diarrhea of the mouth. Pure Irish! The wee folk made me do it, I'm sure!

So much for not getting involved.

Galatians 6:9

"And let us not be weary in well doing:
for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not".

God Bless!

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Jennifer said...

MMM Sausage Gravy and biscuits. Sounds good to me!