Thursday, January 1, 2009

PEDAL AND COAST? Not so said my eldest!

In a prior blog I mentioned that the therapist had me riding their recumbent bike continuously. I explained that that was not the way I have been or would be riding. I'd get the trike up to a high speed, say 15mph, relax and coast down to 10mph, and pedal back up to 15mph averaging 12.5mph, which in about 4 hours of riding would achieve my 50 miles a day with the least effort.

At the family Christmas Party Mark, who faithfully scans my blogs as I do his, said that he was convinced that when I got to riding on those seemingly endless, straight roads of the southwest that I would definitely not coast. In fact he said that even going down a mountain I would continue to pedal. Now, Mark is a pretty bright boy so I won't just categorically say he is wrong. I just have my doubts.

As my first born, Mark took a long time to be born. That was the last time in his life he ever took a long time to do anything. He received Suburan League honors when he played high school football. Although he was a center and nose guard I timed his practice runs on the high school track. He was faster than most of the running backs. (Born a natural leader he was also the co-captain for his junior and senior years).

I have been his back up on a number of marathon runs including the "Flying Pigs Marathon" pictured at left in Cincinnatti. Uh, that's 25.2 miles folks. He just thinks "fast". The license plate on his black sports car reads "RUN FAST". His blog, tells about the JOY !!! of getting up at 5AM to run before daylight in the dead of winter.

Well, now, I played football also. I played for the Point Pleasant Big Blacks. I played defensive end and outside tackle. Outside tackle? This was before Bud Wilkerson at Oklahoma developed the T formation. Every thing then was unbalanced lines, primarily unbalanced to the right. Both tackles played side by side instead of out side of the guards on either side of the center. The outside tackle pulled to block for the ball carrier on most plays.

I cannot recall ever having a problem putting the line backer on his behind. I most clearly recall, however, Coach Jamison loudly taking my name in vain because I couldn't get through the designated hole before the ball carrier. I have never been fast on my feet. I was a boxer and had above average footwork, but I sure couldn't run. I can still dance a bit but I'm certainly not fast on my feet.

Aside from individual personalities, Mark is speaking with all the wisdom of a new grandfather. My thinking comes from the outlook of a man awaiting his 6th great grandchild. There really is a difference.

Also, of no small consideration, is my 27 years of Industrial Management. When you needed to know the best way to do a job you never asked the time study guys with their stop watches. You just gave the job to a lazy man, stood back and watched. If you want to know the best way to do a job, give it to a lazy man. WELL, I'M LAZY! Pedal and coast seems like a good idea to me. We'll see.

I'm not sure Mark even knows about stopping on the way up a mountain on a trike. No, Mark, you don't keep on pedaling. You stop, lock the brakes, and enjoy an energy bar and a drink. Then, you relax in the recumbent seat with your head in the head rest and your feet locked into the pedals and do what? Why, any old, great grandfather would know the answer to that question. You take a nap. When you awaken, refreshed and all, you release the brakes and consider pedaling some more.

Uh, did anyone see a bathroom on this high tech trike? Ate, drank, took a nap, whar be the bath room? Oh no, my shoes are fastened to the pedals. I gotta problem........

Chinese Proverb:

"A clever person turns great problems into
little ones and little ones into none at all".

God Bless!


Jennifer said...

Grandpa, I laughed so hard at this post. You sure are right if you want to an easy way to do something ask a lazy person. Unfortunately I must have too much of my Dad in me, because I always do things quickly but not necessarily the easiest way possible. Obviously I need to take a few lessons from my Grandpa!

Mark Pierce said...

For the record, I highly endorse the lazy man's way... which is why I say keep pedaling. Once your momentum is going you don't want to lose it. It's too tough to start and stop, start and stop. However, I do love the idea of being able to take a break on the way up the hill. Loved the post! Always your eldest! Mark