Friday, February 27, 2009

LAB RESULTS: Healthy as the Proverbial Bear!

I am scheduled next Monday at the Wadsworth Family Medical Center for my final physical check up before my cross country trike ride. I was to make an appointment for blood work before going in.

I called a week ago to make an appointment. The only opening they had was today, Friday, at 9:45AM. One day before the appointment for the check up. When she made the appointment the lady asked if I could fast until that late in the morning. Of course I said yes. I needed that test.

The fact is that I nearly starved to death. Breakfast is my absolutely necessary meal of the day. I like dinner. I can take or leave lunch. Looking at my waist line I obviously take more than leave. UMMM

I was up at 5:30AM and made ham and eggs with fried potatoes and onions for Julie. Yes, I baked her biscuits which she enjoyed with honey. I drooled. My stomach growled. But I hung in there.

I did go to the doctor's office a bit early just in case. It worked. I got in a bit earlier than usual. The young lady who did the blood work up was up front pregnant--seven weeks to go but b i g ! She was very friendly and efficient. I managed to handle the urine in the cup through the pass through on my own. Then on to Cracker Barrel for a sunrise sampler. Yummy Yum!
I fretted that I'd have to wait until after my physical for the results. No Sweat! I have the world's greatest family physician, Matthew Finneran, MD. I've been with him since he started up his practice. He is the age of my oldest son and at times he acts like a son to Julie and I. Gives warm hugs to Julie and pats my shoulder. I got a call at the end of the day from the soon to be Mother. She had the results. WOW!

Total cholestreol - 100/199, I was 119. Lower is better. Perfect!

Triglyserides - 40/149, I was 135. Higher is better. Perfect again!

LDL (bad) - 40/129, I was 43. A bit too good? Cut my meds in half, to 5ml of Corlestral.

HDL (good) - 40/59, I was 49. Right in the ball park.


Didn't get my sugar work up yet. This morning it tested 121 with the ideal range being 90/120. That is pretty good. I'll be in the safe range when I see the doctor Monday.

Irish Proverb:

"A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book".

God Bless!

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Phatmom said...

Ahhh....Cracker Barrel...Love it! That's fantastic news on your lab results, Walt!