Saturday, February 21, 2009

PRACTICE BLOG: Pedaling in place = Boring

Another practice in preparation for blogging on my cross country trike trip. Today I'll share the boring part of the trip, physical preparation. I'm riding two or three hours several times a week. It is very boring and I am coming to dread each repetition.

The wait is rapidly coming to an end and I'll be so glad. I won't have to practice beyond a week from Thursday. That is the day I ship my trike to Bernies Bike Shop in San Diego. Three weeks from yesterday I fly there. Three weeks from tomorrow I commence my trip. WooHoo!

It is important that we enjoy each day as it is the only time we are assured. Yesterday is a memory and tomorrow is a hope. Today must always be "the" day in our lives. It is difficult to enjoy boredom!

This is a picture of my trike in the office. The reflectors on the seat sure are bright, aren't they? A real safety factor in being seen. All my clothing is bright colored with reflecting stripes and my panniers each have multiple reflectors. Then there is the flag on the tall pole which really stands out.

What do I see when I ride in the office? I see my own feet. That's an impressive sight, huh? Well impressive in size anyway. Size 12 no less. A very firm foundation. What can I say. My shoes have a stiff, teflon sole with a built in clip attachment which locks on to the pedal which allows me to both push and pull on the pedals.

I see my status board. It has all my plans on it, my airline tickets and motel reservations. It also has my equipment and clothing list. It was exciting putting the board together but that excitement is now behind me. Its as near ready as it can be.

The board includes a bike map of San Diego showing the first 20 miles of the first day. Although the map shows elevation changes, the first 20 miles is basically flat riding right through the city starting at the ocean. It is tradition to dip the rear wheel in the Pacific at the start and the front wheels in the Atlantic at the end.

Speaking of elevation, check out the elevation which must be climbed the first two days. After the first 20 miles of day one it is necessary to climb 17 miles up one third of the mountain to the little town of Alpine. On the second day I have to climb the other 2/3rds of the mountain, then down a short run on the interstate highway to Jacumba. Thankfully, the climb isn't as difficult as shown on the elevation map. It is a long, steady climb but the grade doesn't look to difficult.

This is a picture of my "throne" for the next two months. Uh, scratch that throne, make it a lawn chair. Actually , it will be my only chair on the trip. Notice the forward looking reflectors. Notice also the pillow lumbar support, which will be my sleeping pillow at night.

To keep from being bored out of my gourd I watch movies. Yesterday I completed the second part of "Gone with the Wind". Today it is "The Sand Pebbles". (I served in a small ship, USS Yuma ATF94, like the USS San Pablo in both the East and the South China Seas).

I will take the trike out of the office next weekend to display it in church in the appeal for support on my charity ride. The trike will then reside in the living room until shipping day. I have to reinforce the shipping crate today. Busy, Busy!

John Quincy Adams:

"Patience and perservance have a magical effect before which difficulities disappear and obstacles vanish".

God Bless!

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