Sunday, March 22, 2009

FRIENDS: A most priceless treasure.

At first when I was forced to abort my cross country trike trip because of heart problems I think I was in a stunned mind set. My first instinct was to complete the cross country bike trail using a van to traverse the mountains and, riding a load free trike, do all the day trips across the trail. I could not let go of the idea of a charity ride.
That idea viewed from a distance by son Mark was flawed. After being home a short time I completely agreed. I then decided that I would drive to San Diego by the most direct route, get my trike and return home. I have lost count of the number of motor trips I have made across the USA in my lifetime. It was not an unpleasant plan.

My original plans in my cross country bike trip was to visit friends Don & Sally Wilson as I went through Phoenix, Az. Sally called home to see how I was doing and my friend Carla told her I could not continue the ride and was in fact at home with my trike still in San Diego.

Don & Sally winter in Phoenix and come home in late March/early April so Don can get his garden in and do some fishing. When they heard my plight Sally called Julie to say they would drive the 354 miles from Phoenix to San Diego and bring my trike home in Don's new truck. Only the very best of friends would immediately volunteer to perform such a kindness without even being asked.

Julie and I met the Wilson's about 8 years ago when both couples started attending the United Methodist church in Easton, Ohio at the same time. They are a tad younger than me and a tad older than Julie.
We hit it off from the start. We have gone on vacation together. We have got together to have dinner when we were both in Myrtle Beach with other couples. They have been my leading couple in square dancing. They are in the jug band with me. We belong to a dinner group and go to unusual places to have dinner about once a month. They have put their legs under my table a number of times and Don gives me fish and garden stuff.
I try to remember Don's birthday on Valentine's Day and Sally's on March 18th. Sally is very pretty and I tease her like I do all pretty girls. Sally certainly keeps me in line and fusses at me. We are what friends are meant to be.

When Don talked to Julie about getting the trike and discussing my disapointment Julie said he made the observation that "Walt is 78 going on 18". Sort of like the doctor who observed that I have a youthful outlook on life but my plumbing on the inside was still old. What can I say?

I am not surprised at their generous offer. I am amazed at my good fortune to have them for friends. Perhaps some day I shall have an opportunity to repay their kindness?

God Bless

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