Saturday, March 21, 2009

AN INSPIRATION: A Measurement of Success

In my son, Mark's, blog he wrote an article on my recent attempt to ride a trike cross country. He spoke of his pride in me and expressed a negative opinion of anyone who considered my inability to continue the ride as a failure. Thank you son for such kind expressions of love and support.

What others may think of me is really so very unimportant to me. My families full and constant faith and allegiance to me is an absolute given as is mine to them. After that, only what I think of myself is of any importance whatsoever to me.

When I was a bit over 30 years of age I came face-to-face with an unpleasant fact of life. With the counsel of a good friend, Dr. John McGarry, I found a place of peace within myself. It was not religious but rather an understanding of a truth.

Very few people in the whole world seem able to grasp this truth, which was forced upon me, and they are perpetually unhappy with themselves and dissatified with their lives.

They see themselves as too old or too young; too short or too tall; too fat or too skinny; too tall or too short; the wrong shape or size of ears or nose; too dumb or too smart; teeth or eyes that are different or, heaven help us, too rich or too poor or even the wrong color hair.

I discovered that I am just right for me and that what others may think really does not matter if I am who and what I know I should be.

There is a mideastern poem which I use to deal with what others think. The beauty of this poetry is not the ryhme but the beauty of philosophy.

If you should say to me,
You are but a grain of sand on the infinite shore of the infinite sea
I should reply to you
I am the infinite sea and your thoughts are but grains of sand upon my shore


What I am is meek, lowly and humble, sweet, gentle and kind. If you have any question of this being true, ask me. I'll tell you. It's true! (Not letting the truth get in the way of a good story I have also been known to say that my good wife is "Mean, grouchy, overbearing and tight with her money!).

Why is this true about me? Because I choose to make it true. I work hard at making it true. At times I have to work very, very hard! What I am by nature is the absolutely meanest SOB who ever drawed a breath. Ask any of the many hundreds of people who have worked directly or indirectly for me over the years. Even better, ask those who worked in competition with me over those years.

My wife says I have mellowed with "years". Maybe she is right but I don't think so. Every great once in a while I feel called upon to stand up and be counted. I never hesitate to do so quite effectively.

So, what kind of a world do I live in, anyway? I live in a world where the sun is shining, the birds are singing and the bees are all making honey. Join me. There is plenty of room for you and you are most welcome.

The only question of import is "What's new, different and exciting". If your answer is "nothing" you might want to work hard to change that situation. You can you know!

I am blessed with family and friends. I am so grateful! And you, my friend, are included in that number.

What is my life statement? Let the good times roll! Why don't you roll along with me?

If my family considers me to be inspirational, then I am a successful man.

God Bless.

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