Sunday, March 1, 2009


My good wife Julie is blessed with friends. Namely, everyone she meets be it a check out clerk at Walmart or a bank teller. She knows everyone and everyone knows her. Be it church, the neighborhood or where she works, everyone knows Julie.

Julie has three special groups of friends. I am in the "Out with Friends" dinner group. We meet at what promises to be a real treat next Friday evening.

She meets every few months with a group of four with whom she travels over the state to whatever interests them, from museums to a restaurant in Waldo, Ohio that serves fried bologna sandwiches.

She also makes overnight trips with what used to be a group of six which has dwindled due to relocation to a group of four. They go to play houses, dinners or just visit one anothers homes. Tonight this latter group, each with a different personality, met with Julie at our home.

Marty is an Army brat. Her father, of whom she is very proud, was a full colonel in the Army. She grew up on army bases literally around the world. She had to deal with being the daughter of the base commander. Today Marty is an in charge person who handles great responsibility with ease. She is a great hostess.

Renee is a New Yorker. That tells the entire story. She is from Long Island and New York City is home to her. She comes from a family that distinguished itself. From law to the theater to advertising, she has a great background. She is the same age as Julie's daughter and often speaks of Julie as being her mom. (Her real mother died when Renee was an infant and she was reared by her father). She is a nut case! She is an air head. She is a New Yorker. We get along just fine and have fun doing it. She also is Julie's closest confident.

Sharmaine used to work with all the above but a year or so ago she went to another company where she improved her income but took on a much tougher work element. She has a good husband and young children. She is a class act. How she got involved with a hill billy like Julie and a nut like Renee I frankly don't know. She is bright, conversant, and well read. She is a real addition to any conversation and has a melodious laugh.

In a couple weeks I will be enbarking on another long term adventure. I know that between family, church and friends such as these Julie will be in good hands. For this I am very thankful. Also, I love all the goodies that their getting together generates. Yum Yum.

Author unknown:

"A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half-cracked".

God Bless!

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