Tuesday, March 31, 2009

OLDER THAN DIRT: Happy Birthday Walt!

Happy 78th birthday, Walt! As grandson Riley says, "Older than dirt". Feeling good and fully enjoying life. Look forward to working in my yard today as it is supposed to warm up to about 58 degrees.

Discussing with Julie how I might live with the newly acquired information that I have a heart problem when under stress, Julie responded by saying "Walt Pierce you're not going to live like you're 78 years old". Julie, sweetie-pie, I am 78 years old regardless of how I live. HA

What does it mean to be 78 years of age? Apple pie still tastes as good. Girls are prettier than ever, and freely share more of their beauty than ever before in my 78 years. It becomes embarrassing when those doing the sharing are your relatives!

A rose is still beautiful and smells wonderful. The day starts off a bit stiffer in body, fingers ridgid and back creaks, but improves as the morning wears on and the ibuprofin kicks in. Jokes are still funny and friends are truly appreciated. Life at 78 is good!

I thank God and my parents and their parents for the good genes that allow me to enjoy the good health that makes the good life possible even at an advanced age. I fervently pray that I may have passed those genes on to my children and my many grand and great grand children. If I had a birthday wish, that would be it.

With life being so good, how can one know that they are even old? Well, in my case, I just attended the retirement party of my second child. I've been retired for 18 years but now I have two sons who have retired. Thank goodness for my wife and daughter who plan to work for awhile.

Son Todd just retired from 28 years of being a minister. Nine years ago he started the church from which he retired. He will be 50 years of age in a couple months. I'm sure he will seek a second career, maybe teaching. He is a wonderful teacher. It is interesting that my oldest son Mark sold his financial firm and retired as a stock broker to become a minister.

The pictures are of Todd delivering his final sermon, the congregation standing and singing, the 8 piece band and the fellowship hall.

Attending Todd or Mark's churches are such a change from the worship services at the Easton United Methodist Church where I belong. Except for the central heat replacing the pot bellied stoves, electrical lighting and indoor plumbing, our services are basically the same as they were in 1877. The boy's churches enjoy casual dress, lively music and great decoration.

I plan to make my 78th year a lot of fun, the good Lord willing and the creek don't rise too much. The wife and I have planned a year of involvement with friends and family alike. We've planned two large group parties and also monthly dinners in our home or at the lakeside retreat. We plan to do some travelling as well as spending a lot of time at the lake.

Today? Julie said to be alert at noon today and if a surprise comes my way not to turn it down. Hey, I'm never one to turn down fun and games. Let the good times roll!

Abraham Lincoln:

"In the end its not the years in your life that counts. Its the life in your years".

God Bless!


Todd Pierce said...

Happy Birthday, Dad! Love you. Todd

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Walt. Talked to my friend Jerry who really talked up his Amish dinner though he couldn't remember the details of where he got his meal from. He did mention that this particular family had cooked their last meals (their not dying, just retiring in a way). He gave me a couple hints though that may be worth looking into for your next culinary adventure. He said to contact Kaufmann Realty in Sugarcreek, OH and inquire about Amish Family Dinners. (I think he won tickets to this dinner at an auction held by this company). This company often holds raffles for the Amish community for some type of benefit and there are many families that offer home cooked meals for groups. Jerry said you could also look into Holmes County Tourist Info as there may be some links that help you out. Well happy hunting and once again, Happy Birthday.