Wednesday, March 18, 2009

THE TRIP IS ON: To San Diego

Twelve hours from my airline departure I'm setting in a cardologist's office discussing my taking my planned cross country trip. I do have a heart problem when I am under stress. I had said that unless the doctor informed me that taking the trip would be sucide, I was going to take the trip.

What the doctor said was that he couldn't think of a reason to tell a 78 year old man who was a diabetic with high blood pressure, an adominal hernia, a torn right shoulder rotor, a bum left knee who has a heart problem that he couldn't take a cross country trip. A tongue in cheek statement that I don't think was fully appreciated by my son, Mark, or my wife Julie who had gone along to hear the report for themselves. (Not that they didn't trust me. UMMM!)

He did let me know that if I couldn't keep my heart rate below 80% of my maximum rate I was subject to stroke, heart attack or worse when my brain was starved for blood. I had to keep my heart beat below 120. Above 120 beats my particular heart slows down to about 50% of its effectiveness. An unusual quirk not related to any blockage or anything like that.

The plane ride out was good. The plane change in Toledo was made timely and I got to San Diego about 11AM local. Took a cab to the motel for $15, including tip.

Made a bad decision to walk to the bike shop from the motel. It was about 5 miles and I was truly bushed when I got there. Roger, the bike shop guy, had my trike ready. I rode it back to the motel.

I stayed in an older Super 8 motel in a requested ground floor room. Costs $80 a night but I had a lot of room for the trike and the room, while older, was comfortable.

I was in a small side building, not the two main, two story motel buildings. There was a beautiful small court outside my room. The flowers were beautiful and smelled wonderful in the California sunshine.

Tomorrow is the big day.

God Bless

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