Tuesday, March 3, 2009

UH OH: Still later in the day!

Julie came home and read my blog. She had the very best idea. What a woman. She has some great ideas, when they aren't started off with those dreaded words "honey doo". HA

Julie said that if I ship my trike on Thursday as planned and couldn't make the trip I'd just be out the $113 to have it shipped back to me. If I did go, however, and the odds are I will, the trike would be ready for me to start on Sunday the 15th as planned.

I'd be risking the possibility of an additional $113 against a sure $150 for two more nights in a motel plus probably another $150 to have some unknown person haul me a hundred miles so I could get to Phoenix timely. That's $113 against $300. My kind of odds.

Tomorrow is Wednesday. I'll get the trike packed up and ready for FedEx to haul it to Bernie's Bike Shop in San Diego. I'll ship it Thursday morning. I've got a FedEx shipment of last minute equipment coming but that should be here tomorrow.

I won't have the air horn until I see Todd at the wedding Saturday. I'll just take that with me. I'll have to check at the airport security ahead of time to make sure I won't have a problem with that. If I do I'll just put it in the mail for Bernie's Bike Shop next Monday.

Wow! What a difference a day makes. I felt like I could be trapped with no way out. Actually, the trike trip wasn't the more serious problem, it was the fund raising and all the people all ready involved in that. That was the nightmare that wouldn't let me sleep.

Speaking of the fund raising, I've got a ton of work to do there also but I've got until a week from this coming Friday to do that. I've got to get the van serviced before the trip to Cincinnatti on Saturday. Gotta treat myself to a new shirt for the wedding.

Gee, hope I can sleep tonight. In times past I've had trouble sleeping when I'd get overly excited about an event. Just like in a football game, the butterflies go away with the first hit. All the last minute jitters will disappear the first mile away from the beach in San Diego. I can hardly wait.

Zig Ziglar:

"Many marriages would be better if the husband and the
wife clearly understood that they are both on the same side"

God Bless!

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