Wednesday, March 18, 2009

UH, WHERE AM I? San Diego is a B I G city!

Yes, San Diego is a big, beautiful city. When I was a youngster in the Navy I spent a lot of time in this fair city off and on. Would I now have trouble getting lost? NAH. Immediately I recognized familiar streets.

Was it in the "red light" district. NAH. I don't think any of the OTHER GUYS messed around with any red lights in San Diego with Tijuanita just a short bus ride south. In those days there was no gates at the border. Well, thats what the OTHER GUYS told me.

Could it have been the tatoo parlors? Yep, I got one of my four tatoos in San Diego. It comes with being a west coast sailor. I chose a rose with Mother in a banner. After 60 years the tatoo has pretty much run together. I found a tatoo parlor but wasn't in the mood. Hmmm! Maybe the acupuncture?

The familiar street I reconized? Well, it could have been Point Loma Blvd. going by the Point Loma Naval Base. Yes, I did see the base on this trip with navy ships including an aircraft carrier in port. I hardly recognized it as a navy base, however, as it had "civilian guards" instead of those snotty jar heads, (marines to non navy persons) on the gates. Whats this world coming to anyway?

No, the street with the familiar name reminded me of one of my favorite people. Way to go Bud!

God Bless

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