Sunday, April 5, 2009

LUNCHES & DINNERS: That Free Taste, yum yum!

All I did was get a year older. The response from family and friends has been to feed me and feed me. Whats not to like about getting older?

The evening before my birthday my wife, Julie, asked what kind of dessert I'd like for my birthday. Being a type II diabetic my choice is pretty limited. I reminded her of how I used to love glazed donuts. I fondly remember Barbie Musgrave who used to leave cherry filled glazed donuts on my desk at Firestone. I haven't had a glazed donut for years and years. The best come from the Acme supermarket.

Early on the day of my birthday my son, Todd, started my day off right with an email with best wishes for the day from Cincinnatti.

At dinner time, being the frugal person Julie is, she took me to our favorite chicken house, Hopocan Gardens. She had accumulated promotional stamps to get $5 off of the price of my dinner. That's my Julie.

After dinner Julie ordered coffee. Very unusual. Then she broke out the Acme bag with cinnamon and glazed donuts. What a birthday treat. We ate our second donut at breakfast where I tried to take Julie's picture. She isn't shy, she's showing off her rings! HA

That day my friend Kathy Hatfield took me to lunch at the Cracker Barrel. I have blogged about that. I thanked her husband Bob today for coming up with the money.

The next day Ron, my pastor, took me to lunch. He was pressed for time before a 2:00PM appointment so we went to Sweet Henry's, a near by restraurant where Julie and I eat breakfast.

On the way to lunch with Kathy, my oldest son, Mark, called wanting to take me to lunch. He should have been so lucky. Instead he and his wife, Mary Kay, took Julie and I to dinner at the Olive Garden on Saturday night where we took this father and son picture. Uh, the father is the good looking one on the right.

Afterwards Mark and Mary Kay treated us to dessert at the Cold Stone Creamery. If you think Mary Kay is perplexed in this picture at the ice cream store, she is. She's asking herself "did I really eat the whole thing"? Yes she did!

Kimberly has mentioned going to lunch but we haven't been able to work that out as her family came back from Arizonia with the flu. We'll get together this coming week.

I'm blessed and thankful!

Oliver Wendal Holmes:

"What lies before us and what lies behind us
are tiny matters compared to what lies within us".

God Bless!

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