Saturday, April 18, 2009


Dottie (Thomas) Campbell is a Class Mate in the Class of 1948 Point Pleasant, WV High School. When I graduated from high school six weeks past my 17th birthday, I joined the Navy.

After my four year tour of duty I relocated to Northeast Ohio. Dottie and I renewed our acquaintance at our 50th and again at our 60th Class reunions. We are both proud grand parents.

In a prior blog I described my grand daughter Bethany who is an accomplished artist and author. Dottie knows I blog. I have no reason to believe that she follows the blog on a regular basis. Shamefully, I wanted to brag a bit. In an email I suggested that she check out my blog site at . She did.

In an immediate return email she acknowledged that I had reason to be proud of my children and grandchildren. She then proceeded to describe her grand daugher, Brittany Lincicome. It seems that Brittany has just won the Kraft Nabisco Championship Golf Tour, which used to be the Dinah Shore Classic.

In addition to a major trophy, I'm sure, Brittany also won the cash award.

In her proud grandmother's opinion $300,000.00 was not bad pay for four days work.

You have every right to be proud of this young lady, Dottie. In her picture Brittany resembles her grandmother. She is very pretty with very light colored hair. She, too, is a winner. She looks like she enjoys life.

The moral of this blog? All my life I have heard that in the Pierce Family who ever tells their story last always tells the "biggest". Now, Dottie is not a Pierce, but you get the idea, huh? I am happy for both the grandmother and the granddaughter.

Grandmas are earth angels
Grandmas are angels in training
Grandmas are just ancient little girls
Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting

God Bless!

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Myrna Rae said...

Loved the wonderful part on Grandmas.