Friday, May 8, 2009

JUST A COINCIDENCE: Still Interesting.

Coincidence: An event or circumstance fortuitously relating in some way to other events or circumstances. Although circumstancial events do not necessarily have any particular meaning, they are none the less interesting.

Enjoying dinner with daughter Kimberly and grandchildren, Riley and Rosebud, Kimberly and I were making plans for son Mark's upcoming birthday.

Out-of-the-blue, Riley, who is far advanced in math for his ten years, observed that he was a hundred years older than his great grandmother.

Mom, who was age 15 in 1914, in the picture on the left, had a very easy birth year to remember as she was born in 1899. Likewise with Riley who was born in 1999.

This triggered the realization of the coincidence of Mark's birth year and his great grandmother's birth year.

Sarah Elizabeth (Hudson) Pierce was born in 1857, before the American Civil War. She liked to say that she was born in "old" Virginia. I doubt that Grandma ever travelled a hundred miles from the place of her birth in West Virginia, she none-the-less was born in "old" Virginia. West Virginia did not become a state until she was six years old.

Mark was born a hundred years later in Barberton, Ohio in 1957. Unlike his great grandmother, Mark has travelled throughout the world. We will help him celebrate his 52nd birthday on May 19th. His brother Todd will celebrate the big FIVE OH in June.

Unlike her two brothers, Kimberly who came along later in our lives, will AGAIN celebrate her 39th birthday on August 1st. You know what, it is believeable. She is basically the same size she was as a freshman in high school. She is still quite atheletic as well.

A truly beautiful professional, Kimberly reminds me of the old axiom that "its not the size of dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog".

Kimberly is kind and lovely but she can also be tougher than a pine knot. Well, except for her two little muchkins who sorely try her strength and determination.

There is a "funny" about Riley and his mother. Looking at my high school graduating picture Riley couldn't believe it was truly me.

Even more than the difference of 172 pounds and 240 pounds was the large volumn of black hair and the current sparse volumn of white hair. I explained how people got grey as they aged.

Riley asked "will I get grey"? I told him that he wouldn't appear to be as grey as he is a decided blonde like his father. Then he asked if his Mother, who has a rich chestnut brown hair like her mother, would get grey.

I told Riley that although Mark and Todd turned grey in their 40's I assured him that KIMBERLY WOULD NEVER GET GREY! I'm not sure he understood that statement but everyone else who has heard that story shook their head and said "you've got that straight". HA

Douglas Adams:

"A coincidence is a small miracle in which God chooses to remain anonymous.

God Bless!


Kimberly Pierce-Boggs said...

Dad: Wow! I'm kind, lovely and tough......only a father with unconditional love could make such strong statements....and mean every word! Love you bunches. Great blog. Will show Riley. One correction,however: Riley is 10, not 11. As much as he likes the idea of people thinking he is 11, in the context of this particular story, you may want to change it back to 10. Just in case any savvy readers do the math! Hope to see you this weekend. xoxo-Kimberly.

Mark Pierce said...

I'd like to hear more about the plans for Mark's birthday.

I'd also like more on the math lesson. Let's see... Riley is eleven. Kimberly is thirty-nine. Kimberly was married when she was thirty-five... I'm confused. Maybe she could explain it for us! :)

Walt Pierce said...

Mark, Mark, Mark!

And I paid your way to college to get a degree in math!

Its hard to believe you didn't learn about "femine gender" math.