Saturday, May 2, 2009

LILACS IN BLOOM: It's spring!

Sitting at the kitchen enjoying our second cup of coffee this morning Julie and I sat in awe of the beauty of the French Lilac bush outside the kitchen door. Julie opined that I should write a blog about our experience. Well, if I should, I will.

French Lilac (Syringa Vulgaris) is the first shrub to bud and leaf out in the spring. It is old fashioned and showy. It has a double fragrance that is heady and almost overpowering. When the lilac is in bloom, it is truly spring!

The lilac is a dependable shrub. I planted this one over twenty years ago. If it has a fault it is that it grows so agressively. If left to Mother Nature this lilac would take over my little back yard. It sprouts right through the stones with which it is mulched. I have two sprouts coming up through my deck at least 10 feet from the shrub its self.

Lilac is deer and rabbit resistant, will grow anywhere including a steep slope and is not subject to pollution damage. It is subject to damage from black spot and from caterpillars. Dedicated pruning is needed but it must be done before July otherwise next year's flowering buds will be removed.

A lilac makes glorious cut flowers. In addition to it's visual beauty it will spread it's fragance throughout the entire house. If kept watered the cut plants will last for a week. What more could one ask of a cut flower.

My Grandma Elliott, Mom's Mom, did not prune her lilacs. Her lilac must have been at least twenty feet square, or more, and twenty feet high. Grandma died when I was five years old but I remember her wrapping lilacs in newspaper for me to take to my teacher.

In one of my favorite movies, The Quiet Man, the question is asked "What's a house without a woman in it"? I ask the same question about flowers. What's a house without flowers in it?

The silk flowers of today look so lifelike that flowers year around becomes possible. These flowers in our entry way are silk but they are beautiful.

In addition to flowers, beautiful greenry is available. Now, one must be careful in buying fake greenry. It can look fake and bad. On the other hand, it can be lifelike and beautiful like the greenry we have in our copper apple butter kettle in the dining room.

Shop on a regular basis and beautiful silk flowers can be had for nil expense.

It is necessary to buy out of season and store til the proper time. Yesterday Julie bought this lovely Christmas wreath for a $1.99. Yes, she has to store it for seven months but this wreath would have cost 50 or 60 dollars at Michaels.

May your life be blessed with flowers and may you take the time to enjoy them. TAKE THE TIME TO SMELL THE ROSES!

Beverly Nichols:

"To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat"!

God Bless!

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Phatmom said...

Wow! that lilac bush is gorgeous! I trust that the chicken soup your friend brought over did the trick? Glad for your post today. I've been praying for you and Julie to get well from the flu.
I have been reading Bethany's book in when I take little breaks between research papers. God bless,