Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Our's has been the most successful form of government the world has ever known. There is a wonderful bit of advice: If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

A Penny saved is a penny earned.

My helping hand is at the end of my own sleeve.

The pilgrim fathers had a rule from day one: No workee-No eatee!

How can it be that when the people of California vote down a further tax on themselves, as they are already the most taxed in the nation, the federal government is going to give the state the requested money and make the people of all the states pay the bill?

Why should the good people in Kansas pay for the irresponsibility of the citizens of California? Or the citizen's of Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington or Wyoming who do not have state income taxes be taxed to pay for the benefit of California.

New Hampshire and Tennessee citizens only have to pay a state tax on interest and dividends only. Ohio does not tax retirement income. Why should they pay the benefits of the people in Calfornia who voted down their own taxes.

In California the Public Employee Retirement System or the State Teacher Retirement Systems allow retirement at age 50-55 with 100% health care for employee and 90% for dependants with 75% to 90% of full time pay.

A person who became a city policeman at age 21 can retire at age 51 with close to $100,000 a year in retirement.

A highly successful senior industrial manager with hundreds of employees, 24-7 responsibility for 27 years at Firestone in Ohio and has a plant closing at age 48 gets $5,724 a year federally taxed pension and no health benefits when he becomes age 65.

Why should any part of the latter's pension be taxed to support California?

Ohio public employee retirement system - law enforcement is not nearly as bad as it is in California but even they are out-of-line with the public. Law enforcement received 67% at 25 years service which equals $74,000 retirement pay. Working the system a policeman gets paid for perhaps as much as 717 hours vacation pay and 800 hours sick pay which comes to about $40,000. The senior industrial manager with 27 years service received $8,000 severance pay.

We need to balance the retirement pay structures in Ohio and tell the people in California to solve their own problems.

How are you doing with your retirement pension and health care? That's what I thought!
Where and when is the next tea party. (Michelle Malkin's picture)

God Bless!

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