Monday, May 25, 2009

SUMMER COOKOUTS: A Great Cheese Burger!

Memorial Day is the beginning of the summer season, although summer is really a couple weeks away. It is the day when campers start weekends "tenting on the old Campground". Of course there are those who don't "camp out". My daughter Kimberly is such a person.

She reminded me of that the day we drove down to Mansfield to celebrate her brother, Mark's, birthday. Julie had invited Mark and Mary Kay to come to the families lakeside retreat for a cookout on Memorial Day.

I told Kimberly she was welcome to bring her family down for the cookout also. She said "Dad, you know what Mom always said about camping". Campin's camping! In other words, thanks but no thanks!

I ended up having a physical problem Friday evening that prevented our going to the lake. Julie had purchased enough great food to have a cookout and to feed me for a couple weeks at the lake.

Although we cancelled the invitations I did cook cheeseburgers for us two days in a row.

I don't think there is more enjoyable food than a good cheeseburger. Huge whole wheat buns, vidalia onion slices, good, thick slices of tomato with lettuce and a bit of mayo. The first day I made the burgers too big. We had to eat them with a fork.

I corrected the problem the second day and they were just right. Why did we do it two days in a row? Because those cheeseburgers were so good, alongwith potato salad and corn-on-the-cob. Yum Yum

Cooking is so easy. Julie bought us some of the world's best strip steaks from Bennett's Fine Meats in Canton, Ohio. I thought I'd do that tonight but made a quick run to Wendy's instead. Feeling bad!

Let the good time's roll and put some more ice in my drink!

Seven Wise Sayings about Cooking:

"Never trust a skinny cook"

"I cook with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food"

"Annoying the cook will result in smaller portions"

"Love and cook with reckless abandon"

"A clean kitchen is the sign of a wasted life"

"Got more time for misbehaving since I started micro waving"

"Don't like my cooking? Maybe you should lower your standards"

God Bless!

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