Sunday, August 2, 2009

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN: Here's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Yesterday was my youngest's birthday. Yes, Kimberly turned 39 one more time! Her brothers being 50 and 52 I guess she is just a late bloomer? HMMM Before we got around to all the fun and games she wanted to know why I hadn't blogged for a month. Not since July 1st she said and it is now August 1st.

I have simply been in seclusion down to the family retreat at Knox Lake. No phone (except for my cell phone which won't ring in), no television, no computer, no unexpected visitors, just peace and tranquility. I loved every minute of it.

I do enjoy blogging. I love the responses. With going on 600 hits of my blog profile and responses from across the nation, I know I am sharing with a lot of folks--I understand that only about 1 in 3 viewers actually read the profile.

I came home to celebrate the birthdays of Kimberly and grand daughter, Rosebud. We met at the Olive Garden in Canton for lunch. At Rosebud's birthday in July I told her that I would take her to lunch and shopping. Like her Grandma Alice, she loves to shop. Thankfully for Grandpa, who has long since retired, her two favorite shopping places are Sam's and the old country store in the Cracker Barrel.

At Sam's she chose a pair of jeans with pink butterflys and pretty needle work and a lovely pink, hooded sweater to match. I don't know who gets the most joy out of buying her jeans. She is overcome with joy each time I show up with a new pair. I think I have kept her supplied for years as she is so overcome with joy when she gets each pair.

After shopping at Sam's we went to Cold Stone Creamry for an ice cream treat. She rather pointedly told her mother that she had not been to this marvelous sweets store since I took her the last time. Are you listening, Mother?

Years ago Kimberly gifted me a small framed message. The frame contains mostly matting with a message in very small print in the upper corner. It reads, "The true measure of a man is how tall he stands in the eyes of his grandchildren". Kimberly had Rosebud share with me what she had told her mother on the way to the ice cream store. Rosebud had said "My grandpa is so awesome". I have been tried but, thankfully, have not be found wanting. HA

Over the month I've struggled with replacing the sub flooring down at the lake. It is mostly all done, the bunk room and bath room yet to go. I have laminate flooring, which I bought some time ago, for the hall and living room and will carpet the bed room and bath room. I've already tiled the kitchen over a cement sub floor, which I really struggled to put down. No hurry. Lots of time for reading and fishing.

I also attended my 61st high school reunion. It was enjoyable although, being a odd year, only a few of the class mates were there--the local folk. I attended because I class mates asked me to come. Some of the shakers and movers were absent. Bad Maude (Blankinship) Norris for example. (I put this in just to let Maude know I missed her).

I had not been home since the reunion last year. Visiting my brother's home was difficult. He has been gone for a few years now but the adjustment to his loss is still a work in progress.

Julie and I left the reunion immediately after the meal and the business meeting. I enjoy the dancing but this time I preferred to be with family. If all goes well I plan to return in September to do research for a family history book I hope to publish next year. I'll catch up with visiting friends at that time. I resolved to initiate a family reunion next year at the Hambric Baptist Church, which is located miles and miles on a one lane road deep in the hills from
Southside (of the Kanawha River), WV.

I did visit all the grave sites. Some sick individual had turned over and broken maybe hundreds of grave markers. Thankfully, none of my people's. I did drive out to Hambric Baptist Church to visit my great grand father's, Indivan Pierce, grave. It is an old, country cemetary and Indivan's was the second oldest born person in the grave yard.

I took a picture of Indivan's grave site but am having problems transfering it from my cell phone. I'll get it eventually. I mailed it by cell phone to my cousin, Cheryl, but it never sent. I'll get one of the kids to help me solve the problem.

I'm home also to care for Kimberly's little ones as she and her husband are both out of town on different businesses on the Mon & Tues, 3rd & 4th, and I have a doctor's appointment for Thursday, the 6th. I'll be home until Thursday afternoon. I just know Julie will have a long list of "honey do's" after this day of rest. Ummm! I'll be back to the lake next week end. Those "honey do's" are pretty rough stuff!

Take care. Be safe. Live long and prosper!

God Bless!