Tuesday, September 8, 2009


My last post, and the only one for August, was on the first day of the month. It is now the 8th of September and I'll try to get in a "HOWDY" before heading back to the lake for the month.

Most important, the family and I have been well. I've been working fairly hard, all things considered, at the lake. There needs more to be done than what I will accomplish this year but I keep chipping away.

Julie and I started the Labor Day weekend off with a friday night dinner for Mark and Mary and their dearest friends, Roc and Kim Marietta. Next day, most of the family made it to Mark's to watch Navy's gallant struggle against Ohio State. That was tough for me as both are my favorite teams. I felt for you, Cheryl, as Liberty also played WVU. After the game there was a fish fry at the lake. Kimberly and Jack couldn't make it to Mark's for the OSU-Navy game as their son, Riley, had a game that afternoon also. They made it to the Fish Fry and spent the rest of the weekend at the lake.

Sunday afternoon Julie and I treated the family to a Corn Roast. All the corn-you-can-eat, I shucked 5 dozen ears purchased at an Amish farm. We also did hamburgs on the grill and Julie made her wonderful County Fair Sausage on a hogie. On Labor Day Julie and I did the Ribs and Chicken feed with all the trimmings. Lots of dessert and fruit all weekend.

Todd, who is now retired also, took it upon himself to totally clean up after the Corn Roast. What a guy! He and Amy returned to Cincinnatti on Sunday so Amy could get in a rest day before returning to teaching on Tuesday. It rained on Labor Day so we carted the already bar-b-q'd ribs, chicken and trimmings to Marks and had an indoor feast in Mary's dining room.

Julie was truly overworked cooking and cleaning for a four day party. When I told her tonight that I knew that she pulled more than her share of the load, cheerfully and willingly over this long holiday weekend and that I wanted to show my appreciation, handing her a gift which she hoped to get this coming Christmas. She cried. Why do girls cry when they are happy?

Everyone went home Monday night. I stayed at the lake to "pickup" and put things away. Mostly though, I just rested today. Came home to get several prescriptions filled and take care of a bit of business.

It was a great weekend at the family lakeside retreat complete with camp fires with smores, singing around the camp fire and paddle boat rides. Church Sunday night at Mark's church where he had record attendance. Mostly though, it was great times spent with family. We missed three of the grandkids, Jillian, Bethany and David ( and spouses) but otherwise the gang was all there.

I'm back to the lake tomorrow. Julie's coming down Friday for the weekend. The entire family is going to Kimberly's in Canton to watch the Bucks beat Southern Cal Saturday. Most of the family will spend the night at Suzi's but Julie and I will return to the lake--a bit over an hour's drive. Go Bucks!


I am enjoying my 18th year of retirement isolated at the lake. Eat a bit, fish a bit, work a bit, read a lot. Watch a movie once a week or so. I can get your email on my blackberry. Thanks Maude, Kathy and all for writing to me at http://www.walsinepierce@aol.com/. I mostly have to drive away from the lake to call Julie each night. Cell phone reception is bad although emails come through okay.

Sorry you couldn't get my blog, Maude. It is working. Try again. Tell Cleo and Betty W. I would love to hear from them.

A favorite Irish blessing:

Sure, and now, May your troubles be few and your blessings be more and may only happiness come through your door.

God Bless!

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Jennifer said...

Hey Grandpa,
Just got caught up with your blog. Thank you so much for the Labor day meal. We all enjoyed it very much! I would love to see that picture of my ever-so-many Great Grandpa Indivan as well some time. Love you. Jen