Saturday, October 31, 2009

HALLOWEEN: B o o o o o !!!

Halloween, Hallow meaning holy and E'en meaning evening has been celebrated by the Celtic peoples for over 2,500 years. Originally, it was celebrated at the Spring-Summer night but, under the influence of the Holy Catholic Church it was changed to a fall holiday to honor all the saints.

In the belief that the dead were raised from the grave, if the Celtic people had to leave the safety of their homes on halloween, they wore masks to scare away the evil spirits.

Trick or Treat as we know it today is a relatively new custom which is enjoyed by young and old alike. Perhaps nowhere is it enjoyed more than at 280 Fifth St NW in Barberton, Ohio. And, no one could enjoy it more than Julie and Donna!

Frick and Frack, as I've come to know them, have been planning, shopping and working for this night for weeks. From giant, lighted Spider Webs, cum Spiders, to miniture lighting around the porch, they have been busy. Spider webs everywhere and, would you believe, flashing eye balls in the shubbery. Well, now, woudn't want to miss the eyeballs floating in their caldren. The house is one huge house of horrors.

The witches waited patiently for their "victims" to arrive. The city set the time from 5:00PM to 7:00PM. The witches were ready with their little boxes of "bait". When the boxes were opened a grizzly message came out that scared the little ones and gave the big kids a chuckle.

Every treat that could be imagined was in the boxes and each "victim" and their parents received two, just to be sure the potion worked.

Did they come? By the ones, by the twos, by the threes and by whole bunches. The sidewalk was jammed at times, going and coming. I'm sure the word got out that this was THE house to hit. At one point I bet there were at least 50 waiting their turn at the witches. There were two sets of twins and one set of triplets. There were big kids. There were little kids.

They came in wagons and on their Dad's shoulders. They came holding their Dad's hands. They came in teenage groups.
There were skeletons, devils, ninja turtles, princesses and you name it. It was here.

It couldn't be halloween without dogs and cats, could it? Well, of course not! One witch had her Hell Hound. And witches on broom sticks. Yep, sure enough! And, you can't have a halloween party without Jack-O-Lanterns, now can you? There were two.

A few of the really little ones needed to use the pottie. Sure, the wicked witches accomodated them.

Are witches always funny? Of course not! Check out this serious looking witch. Her name is Donna. Is she chanting a curse on her husband Benny. No? Well, whatever.

Purple hair, purple eye lashes, purple sash on her hat. Why, who knows, she may be a royal witch. Why would I say that? To avoid having her cast a spell on me, why else?

Why do all this? For the fun of it. Check out this gleeful witch. She is obviously having a good time.

Can't wait to party with her.


Are All Witches Wicked? Why, of course not! Look at this sweet little witch dressed in white. She ended the evil night by coming to see her Grandpa. Her name is Rosebud and she is a Grandpa's girl. Un Huh!!

Bye-the-bye, after the designated trick-or-treat hours, the witches showed just how wicked they really were by paying a visit to a local hospital, bringing joy to those who missed the event due to sickness. What a pair of troopers!

Traditional Scottish Prayer:

"From Ghoulies and Ghosties
And long leggedy beasties
and all things that go bump in the night
Good Lord, deliver us!

God Bless!


Phatmom said...

Looks like a good time was had by all! Tell Julie she looked great and so did her friend. Love the costumes. Sounds like you really get a lot of Trick-or-Treaters. With us living out in the boonies, we considered ourselves lucky to get about 40 this year. Jack and I dressed up. It was fun. Tell Julie she did a great job decorating!

Kimberly Pierce-Boggs said...

LOVE the blog, Dad. So does "your other girl", Rosebud, who will write a comment next. :)

Kimberly Pierce-Boggs said...

Grandpa, I saw your blog about witches. I hear they come out on the night after Halloween to grandpas' look out. BOO!!!