Monday, October 12, 2009

LITTLE "ROSEBUD": Big Drum Stick!

I just thought this was too good to keep to myself so I've decided to share it with you.

My son-in-law, Jack, called to invite me to dinner. He said he was going to cook a small turkey. As Julie was up to her eyeballs in a baby shower for her granddaughter Breanna I appreciated the opportunity to spend an evening with daughter Kimberly's family.

It was great hearing the "gory" details of grandson Riley's being awarded the MVP award in the season's last conference game. He earned that award in 2 out of 7 games this year.

Last year his team went undefeated and won the conference championship of Jackson Twp. Youth Football. Although they enjoyed a winning season they did lose some this year. None-the-less they are in the playoffs starting at 10:30AM next Saturday. But, that's all another story. I just wanted to mention it. Proud Grandpa!

Dinner was at 7:00PM. Jack was so proud of the small turkey he cooked in one of their four ovens, not counting microwaves. They have a magnificent kitchen, uh, home for that matter. He explained all the details of convection cooking.

Rosebud, Delaney Rose Pierce Boggs that is, was starved as was her brother. She turned 8 in July and lives a very active life. The house is constantly beseiged with girls--none of whom live in their neighborhood. The dinner included a garlic mashed potato dish which she loved and a sliced green bean dish which she didn't. She was served and ate both. What she really ate was turkey.

When her Dad served the turkey he put an entire drumstick on Rosebud's plate. It was huge! I suggested that he might want to just slice a bit of it off for her. Grandparents can be such butt-in-skis, huh? Jack laughed and said he felt she could handle it.

Look at the drumstick and look at Rosebud. Whattayouthink?

Although it might be one of the few times in life that his mother-in-law would have had to agree with him, the fact is SHE ATE THE WHOLE THING.

Rosebud lives such an active life, although her mother will allow her to do only one thing at a time, thank goodness for mother, huh?

Rosebud became an ice skater when she was three. She has been in a number of major dance presentations in community theaters after two or three years of dancing classes. She is still in gymnastics. She has just completed her first season as a cheerleader. Although the smallest in the class, she is a leader in the 3rd grade at Country Day School.

Yes, she is eight years old.

How exciting being the Grandfather of such a precious little one--and, like her Mother, she is very little. I can hardly wait to see "whats next" with Delaney. The entire family watches her life in fasination.

Gene Perret:

"My grandkids think I'm the oldest thing in the world. And, after two or three hours with them, I believe it too."

God Bless!

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Kimberly Pierce-Boggs said...

Love it! Lainie will, too. Can't wait to share it with her, but will have to wait another hour or so until she is home from gymnastics. Yes, she does live an active life! Love you, Dad.