Friday, October 16, 2009

THE WEE PEOPLE? I believe!

My good friend Kathy sent me an email with instructions for having the Wee People of Ireland bless me with good fortune. All I had to do was forward the poem. Email it to one person and be blessed in three months. Send it to 20 people and be blessed in three hours. Wow! Make a wish and have it happen. What balarny!

Sure, and now I believe in the Wee People. Isn't me name Walsine? Who but the Irish could handle such a name?

The picture on the left was taken of me in County Kerry in 1989 surrounded by the wee folk. Did I actually see a Leprechaun? Of course not! You don't see Leprechauns. Like you don't see the wind. But you can see the results of the wind and you can see the results of the Wee People. I know!

Take me present life, for instance. The Irish love to dance. Wasn't I to a wedding recently and didn't I get caught up in watching the line dancing. I decided I had to do that. Now, getting ever closer to being 80, I should just be growing old gracefully? To remind me of that truth didn't one of the Wee Folk touch me left hip and slow me down to a hobble. Like I said, I believe in the Wee Folk. I can't see them but I see their work.

Did I forward the poem to anyone? Nah! And now you may be asking why not? Would you be believing that I've already used up all the magic in this particular poem. It is a long poem but I be knowing it by heart. I've probably recited it to hundreds over the years.

Didn't I say it at me oldest grand daughter's own wedding? Wasn't I blessed with two delightful great granddaughters for me effort? This Irish beauty is Cisley and isn't her sister named Ro'si'ne, which is in the Irish and means Dark Rose. Does the blessing work? Sure and you can be certain it does. Mike and Jen just celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary, didn't they?

Sure, and I believe. I mean, haven't I watched the movie "Quiet Man" at least a hundred times. Don't I share it with friends when Julie and I host our Romantic Dinner on Valentine's Day? Haven't I, in fact now, toured the "Innisfree" setting for the movie at Cong in County Mayo? To be sure, I have.

Why, now you should know, I have actually visited Ashford Castle. This Irish strong hold was built in the 12th century and is still in use as a resort today. It is a place for the rich and famous but, like the Irishman that I am, I fooled them all into thinking I belonged.

Corn beef and cabbage? You betcha! I actually ate it at a pub that has been active since the 1600's. In Galway I knelt at the same stone altar where Christopher Columbus knelt before he left Europe in his first westward exploration.

Yes, I've "Watched the sun go down on Galway Bay" and crossed the Shannon River to old Claddagh town.

Didn't I "shoot the gap" at Dunloe in a horse drawn "trap", boat down the Lakes of Kilarny, and stand in awe of the Book of Kells in Christ Church in Dublin. I have, I have!

Sure and now, I've trod the old Sod from Cong down to Old Dingle Town, from Galway across to Dublin. From the smell of a peat fire, the sight of rock walls in the greenest of green and the ring of Irish laugher, Ireland is unique in the world. So are its people.

Fight at the drop-of-a-hat or sing and dance, it's all the same to the Irish. The two most common sayings may be "God Bless All Here" or "Is This A Private Fight Or Can Anyone Join In".

The "spit-in-the-eye" or "Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story" attitudes which I have inherited from my folks from Ireland has carried the day many times for me. My children are full to the brim and over flowing with it and I see it in the attitudes of my grandchildren. I am thankful.

An Old Irish Blessing:

"May those who love us love us, and for those who don't love us, may God turn their hearts. And, if He can't turn their hearts, may He turn their ankles so we may know them by their limping"

God Bless!


Eduardo Dantas said...
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Eduardo Dantas said...

Congratulations for your BLOG!
João Pessoa - PB - BRAZIL

Walt Pierce said...


Thank you! Good to hear from Brazil. May God Bless you and your's.