Wednesday, November 18, 2009

THE REAL SCOOP: Straight from the hair dresser!

Blogging has become such an enjoyable part of my life. I commenced blogging as a form of communication with my family while on extended, away from home adventures. It has evolved into a source of new friends, world wide. I recently heard from Eduardo Dantas in Brazil. One of my blogger friends is Myrna Rae from Florida.

A spiritual woman, author and mother, she writes about a busy life of travel and adventure with many ups and downs along the way.

Terrorized by an abusive husband, she found the courage to provide the support to rear her three children on her own. Now a grandmother, her experiences include being a dealer in Las Vegas to becoming a hair dresser in Florida.

She has now had a book published. While it has not received the publicity of Sarah Palins new book, which I started to read yesterday, I also look forward to reading about a more normal life as seen from a beauty parlor's chair. The book at $16 and change is also cheaper than "Going Rogue".

Myrna lists as a source for the book. I could not bring up that address. Do a search on the books title "BEAUTY SHOP BURNOUT" by Myrna Rae and you can order the book.

Ever wonder about beauty shop gossip? Here is your chance to get it first hand. I'm sure Myrna's book will have much more substance than just gossip.


Bye-the-bye, it's a good thing I'm retired. I wouldn't have time to work. Today I have to show a neighbor how to care for my dog Gunner, bake two pumpkin and one custard pies and slice up four baked chickens for my wife's Thanksgiving Dinner at Infocision tomorrow and also get a haircut. BIZZZZZZY!

God Bless!

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