Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A CHRISTMAS GIFT: Unique & Timely!

Christmas 2008 was during a very difficult time for Julie and I. Recovering from my second ruptured disc I was unable to assist Julie in decorating the home for the holiday. Nor was I able to entertain our family and many friends as we are normally want to do.

I promised Julie that, God willing and the Krick didn't get too high, "next" year I'd do it right for her, the family and friends.

Thanks to having hired a lady to work for us and also assistance from one granddaughter, Julie has the house very festive. This is the "next" year and this is our entertainment schedule:

Dec 19 - Dinner Guests at Walt & Julie's
Dec 25 - Dinner with Julie's family at daughter Jackie's

Dec 26 - The entire, extended Pierce Family at Kimberly's Wine & Cheese Tasting, and maybe a Holiday Dance. Everybody brings something. Julie will take her Taco Dip Salad and I'll make a couple pies. Hopefully Amy will bring her fabulous cookies and Mary Kay her Rum Cake? From Boston to Virginia, from college to medical practices, the northern Pierce's, the southern Pierce's, all will attend this homecoming hosted by Kimberly and Jack for the second year. Can you say TRADITION? I think this may turn out to be a new one. HURRAY!

Dec 31 - New Years Eve dinner and theater with friends followed with late pork & sauer kraut dinner with church friends at the Easton UMC.

Jan 1 - Rose Bowl Party at Steve & Holly's - GO BUCKS!

Jan 2 - Progressive Dinner with 12 member Dining Group - Main Entre at Walt & Julie's this year.

Jan 9 - Dinner with Mark & Kimberly's family at Walt & Julie's
Jan 16 - Dinner with Jackie & Randy at Walt & Julie's

Jan 17th, UH, start losing weight and controlling sugar for my next doctor's appointment.

Although I neglected to take pictures of our first dinner, it was a wonderful success. Our guests were all special. (It could only have been better had the Ludwigs have been there). There were the Wilson's, Don & Sally, a near and dear couple with whom we are socially very active. They sit right behind me in church and Sally makes me behave. Boo!

Delbert and Connie Raschenberg, a couple in their late 80's who are not only dear but also inspirational. Delbert Raschenberg is a life time member of the UMC we attend. He was a true hero in WWII.

And, new friends with whom we became acquainted with in church last year, Ken & Sandy Oscia.

Our guests thoughtfully brought Christmas Gifts which we sincerely appreciate. Sally Wilson and the Oscia's brought boxes of candy.

DON HIT A HOMERUN WITH HIS GIFT TO ME: A bottle of his home made wine. It was in a beautiful bag but the true beauty lay inside.

Inside was a bottle of wine with a lovely, red coloring. I have never had Don's wine before but I have never known Don to do anything that wasn't first class. I bet it will be delicious!

The uniqueness of Don's wine doesn stop with what's inside the bottle. What is on the outside is just as unique!

I mean, could a wine be truly unique if it did not have it's own label? Check out Don's "hand crafted" label, even his own Name: "Lambrusca Cordon Wilzone".

The secret to great wine is, of course, the Vintage. What is the "vintage" of Don's wine? Would you believe "TUESDAY"? How great is that?

A Trade Mark? But, of course! Check out this hand drawn trade mark of a bunch of grapes. Can you say "crayons"? Really, I mean, no fooling! REAL CRAYON ART WORK.

I said the gift was TIMELY. It is just in time for Kimberly's "wine tasting". I have already been notified that some of the family expected "MY" homemade wine. Last year I took a bottle of ten year old Dandilion Wine that had turned to Kerosene, or so it tasted. I didn't make wine this year but Don came to the rescue. YEAH!

After dinner we retired to the living room where Kimberly had come to both sing and lead the group in singing favorite Christmas carols.

Julie and I then gave gifts, as Santa had delivered, to our guests. The gifts were passed out by Kimberly's children, Riley and Rosebud, they were dressed grandly and greatly enjoyed the task. The declaration was made that all the ladies had been GOOD and they each received a loaf of Penara Bread and a jar of Mountain Red Raspberry Jam. Each of the men were informed that they had been BAD as Don received a bundle of switches, Ken a rock and Delbert two lumps of coal.

A grand time was had by all.

May your Christmas likewise be Merry and Bright!

God Bless!

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