Monday, December 7, 2009

COUSIN CHERYL - Our First Meeting

A year ago I received two responses to a blog mention of my Great Grandfather Indivan Pierce by two distant cousins. One was Cheryl Buckley of Charlottesville, Virginia. Since that time Cheryl and I have stayed in touch on a regular basis getting acquainted by emails. At long last, we met in person at Thanksgiving. What a joyous meeting it was!

Cheryl is the same age as my eldest son, Mark. My great grandfather is Cheryl's great great grandfather. Indivan Pierce had four children by a first wife, who died, and four children by a second wife. Incidently, both wives were named Elizabeth and called Betsy.

Indivan's children by his second wife were William, Frederick, May and Deborah. William was my grandfather. Deborah was Cheryl's great grandmother.

Deborah married a man by the name of Gardner, becoming Deborah Gardner. They had a son whom they named Indivan after Deborah's father. This Indivan Gardner was Cheryl's grandfather. Although distant, we are clearly cousins.

Julie and I decided last April that we would once again celebrate Thanksgiving in a very old cabin at a wonderful old plantation in Virginia, Prospect Hill Plantation Inn.

As it turned out, Cheryl and her husband, Jack, live the next exit down I64 from this Inn. We agreed that they would have dinner with us at the Inn Wednesday evening and we'd have dinner with them on Friday evening.

The lamb chop dinner at the Inn was long on pomp and short on enjoyment. Neither the Buckleys nor the Pierce's are lamb eaters. Determined to make the most of the situation we ate lamb chops and acted like we enjoyed it. Afterwards we retured to the cabin, built in 1699, to become better acquainted. It truly was a joyous time.

Cheryl, on my right, Julie and I smiled our best as Jack took our picture in the little cabin.

The Pierce clan considers themselves to be quite mischievous and fun loving. One and all, they work hard at this trait. My children, Mark and Kimberly, who have shared emails with Cheryl, clearly see these familiar traits in Cheryl. Let's hear it for the "good" guys, And, yes, I use that term lightly, very lightly!

Cheryl's husband, Jack was a great guy, too! I say that because he patiently listened as I bent his ear. Not only did Jack listen patiently, as I would learn when we visited his home, he was also gracious as I bragged while showing a DVD of my son, Todd, and I catching fish in MN.

Friday evening we met and followed them to their home in a lovely, gated, lakeside community. It was a very rural area and we would never have found it on our own. They designed and had their home built about eight years ago. Standing in front of their home, dont they look stylish, Cheryl in a wrap and Jack in leather? Later we dined at an elegant Portugese Restaurant. Prime rib instead of lamb. Thanks cuz!

Their's is a Christian home, as they proudly proclaim with this displayed holiday flag.

Remember I said Jack was gracious when I bragged about the small mouth bass Todd and I caught in MN? Check out these two mounted large mouth bass Jack had caught. As I recall, the "small" one was a six pounder and the giant was a twelve pounder. Yep, gracious is the word! My all time largest bass was five and a quarter pound! UMMM

Every corner of their home was decorated with style. Spaciously furnished, there were pictures, art and texture. Jack and Cheryl Buckley are classy people. Must come from the Buckley and Gardner side of the family. HA

Like Amy and Bethany in our family, Jack and Cheryl have an artist in their family. There are extensive art displays all through their home. I like this one of "The Cotton Pickers" best.

WHAT'S A HOME WITHOUT A PET? Jack and Cheryl have two. Their dog is getting old and the cat is "well fed".

So, when do we again get to spend time with our newly discovered cousin? My plans for this winter is to write a family history. Perhaps we can follow up with a family reunion some time next summer at the little Baptist church where Indivan and Elizabeth Pierce are buried. If not, Cheryl and Jack will be our guests, alongwith other family members, in October at the Royal Garden Resort in Myrtle Beach.

I am so thankful for all my blessings, including having a cousin named Cheryl!

(Bye-the-bye, this is my 100th blog for 2009)

God Bless!


Mark Pierce said...

Great post Dad. Really enjoyed reading more about Cheryl. It's cool that they will be joining you in Myrtle Beach! - Mark

Phatmom said...

Thanks for the rave review, Cuz! You're really sweet. I appreciate the kind remarks. It was great having you and Julie here!