Thursday, December 17, 2009


The cheerful Sounds of Christmas can be heard in the Pierce household throughout the day and night.
Is it Silver Bells? No, not really. Is it Jingle Bells from passing sleighs? Nope! No sleighs passing on 5th Street NWl. The only bells that are ringing is on the tail of one of these two penguins.

In addition to all the other things that my lovely wife collects, she collects musical Christmas toys.

Does she do this for the grandkids? Un huh, sure! Is it the grandkids who play them the most? No, although the many guests we have constantly play one or another of these cute toys. But, who plays them the very most? Walt & Julie, who else?

Yesterday morning at 5:30AM, half asleep, as I prepared to make coffee, right behind me BIG MOUTH BILLY BASS startled me awake singing that "Christmas Was His Favorite Time of the Year". He is motion activated. He is my favorite. He is on the jelly cupboard by the kitchen door. He probably gets played the most.

Oh, bye-the-bye, he cost me 50 cents at the local thrift store many years ago, like in what one half of the world throws away.

Probably my second favorite is the Snowman at the Piano doing HOLLY JOLLY CHRISTMAS. We have had him forever also.
The most active musical toy of all will actually "dance" right off and fall onto the floor sometimes. I think they do JINGLE BELLS with the dog barking right along wagging his tail and shaking his head in time with the music.

Charley Brown and Woodstock play an ASSORTMENT OF EIGHT SONGS on the piano.

Julie bought two new ones this year. There are others. And, then, there are many, many talking, whirling, thrusting, jumping, lighting up ornaments on the tree.

The STAR TREK ornaments collected over many years from Hallmark were anything but cheap. The adult male children all love these, as do several "Trekee" friends. Quite plainly you can hear Captain Kirk telling Scottie to "Beam me up". The value of these discontinued collector ornamets have appreciated more than our mutual funds. Boo!

Yes, these are the SOUNDS OF CHRISTMAS at the Pierce household. Stop by and treat yourself to some real seasonal music. Y' all come now, Y' hear! We'll tune up the banjo, roll up the rugs, skim off a mud puddle and open up a keg of nails. "Circle up four in the middle of the floor". I mean "let the good times roll!" Whooeee!, Birdie in the cage, six hands round" "Crow hop up and the Birdie hop down".

God Bless!

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Mark Pierce said...

Dad - I thought you'd like to know something about your blog. If you type "Mark Pierce Mansfield" into Google, the very first site that comes up is! No kidding. All the work I've done on a half dozen different web sites, all the videos I've created, all the many different things I've written online... and the top link to my name and town isn't even one of my sites. Congratulations to you and your blog on getting such great traction and readership! Mark