Monday, December 28, 2009


As normal, I awoke this morning before the alarm at 5:30AM. As I drowsed in half sleep a song kept repeating itself in my mind. I don't know the last year I heard that song, but it has certainly been awhile. The song was "On Moon Light Bay" being sung by the Mills Brothers. What a romantic song. As I expressed my thankfulness while I prepared breakfast, I was thankful that I was born in the era of the 1930's, growing up in the 40's.

Young people of today, in my opinion, miss so much that we took for granted. Look at the class of the Mills Brothers. They crooned in four part harmony such songs as "The Old Mill Stream". Compare this group to today's singers dressed in rags screaming words that cannot be understood. Compare sweethearts of yesteryear sharing the song "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" to today's youth listening to rap. How sad!

Somethings haven't changed. I enjoyed the same breakfast that my parents did. Potatoes fried with onions, sausage, eggs over easy fried in butter and sour dough, buttered toast with black berry jam all washed down with strong, black coffee. (No, don't worry about my health--my cholesterol is quite low).

Although I did not have to start a fire in the old black, iron cook stove like my Mom did, I did cook my breakfast in the exact same black iron skillet she used. I like iron and steel skillets. I probably have a dozen or more of them.

Mind you, I like the modern cookware, although I prefer the old iron skillets to the stainless steel. We have every Revere Ware cookware you can think of, I particularly love the stock pots. Surprisingly, none of my married grandchildren wanted these copper clad cookware. They wanted the easy to clean, black, non-stick cookware. I gifted a complete set to each as a wedding present.

My last blog addressed electronic mania of today. But, really, the total outlook has changed. My generation loved to dance. Sixty years out of high school and we still like to dance. Uh, that's dance with one another, not jiggle around as individuals. How special it was to hold your best girl, mind the music as you whirled to "My Happiness". The song expressed wonderful feelings to be shared as a couple held one another moving in rhythm.

Today, for the most part, dancing is something that happens at weddings. Too slow and boring? Try going to square dances twice- a-week as I used to do. Mention square dancing today and people "roll their eyes". There are, however, groups who still square dance but it is now mostly such a perfect exercise as to stop being fun, in my opinion.

Some things today are great. I mentioned not having to build a fire in the cook stove. Central heat and indoor plumbing. Yeah! Who misses the old two holer? Transportation in America is wonderful! Like most, my wife and I each have our own vehicle. Communication is almost beyond belief. The availability of food, it is hard to believe people in the world are still starving. Laundry? Mondays were wash days. All day Monday. Back breaking. Prayers for a fair day. Tuesday was for ironing. All day Tuesday. Who misses that? Uh, what's an iron you ask? Education, almost too much. Real roads, not mirey, mud ruts. No, everything is not bad.

Guess I'm just feeling my age this morning. I recall how sweet it was to steal a kiss. No need to 'STEAL" today. The young folk openly "smooze" each other. I'm sure I'd have been shot by the girl's father for doing what the young people do today--and it is not necessarily the guys who are the aggressor. When I was young it was common knowledge that the sweetest watermelon was the one you didn't pay for.....Hmmmm! Yes, stolen kisses were the sweetest, I'm sure.

You know what? I bet my Grandma & Grandpa had the same thoughts about my generation. They probably thought Mom & Dad doing the Charleston was scandalous? Although my Grandma Pierce did lay claim to being the best shodisher in Frazer's Bottom! Yep! FRAZER'S BOTTOM!!!!!

What's the "Shodish" you ask? It was a "sinful" dance that was all the rage on March 1, 1878 when young Sarah Elizabeth Hudson was kicking up her heels on her 21st birthday. Un Huh!

God Bless & Enjoy yourselves today.

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