Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A WISE SAYING: An Addendum

I have an addition to the blog "A Wise Saying", the story of one half the people living on what the other half threw away. I have an additon to that blog.

Yesterday I installed a find from a church yard sale. To the people who donated the clock to be sold at the Easton United Methodist yard sale, perhaps the old clock had little value, perhaps it was a painful memory of a lost loved one, I don't know. I do know that at $5.00 I had found a true treasure!
I suspect that this is an eight day clock. It is a REGULATOR by Howard Miller. You can still buy this clock new for a few hundred dollars at The Hartville Kitchen gift shop. Isn't it a beauty?

The clock has a beautiful, mellow chime on the quarter hour, progressing from a four note chime at the quarter hour to a sixteen note chime at the even hour.

Supposedly, the clock will self adjust the chime. Right now it is chiming the quarter hours correctly but it is off five hours on the even hour. I wanted to just shut it down for five hours and restart it. Julie thought we should wait to see if it truly will adjust itself. Uh, yes, we waited.

True, I'm the head of this household but I am constantly reminded that Julie is the neck that controls the head. What can I say. The truth is the truth.

As a person who lives on what one half of the world throws away, I constantly shop sales and thrift stores. Some of our dearest possessions came from those sources.

Bye-the-bye, doesn't this antique clock perfectly fit into our kitchen, which I personally remodeled many years ago. I saw the beams in a new home in Mansfield, came home and built them for our kitchen. Monkey see monkey do!
Every nook and cranny of our kitchen is filled with this or that collectable. Baskets, skillets, railroad lanterns, crockery, and copperware.

The old parlor stove adds to the whole to make our kitchen the most interesting room in our home. It didn't come from a sale but I actually paid full "used" price for it at the Kidron Hardware Store.

It was the 2nd used stove I bought there. It is a working stove. Along with the little, two burner "laundry" stove, I hope to use them both some day on a Shanty Boat. Uh, that's for when I get old and grey, of course.

Then, of course, there is the churn, all done up in Christmas cheer. What would an old fashioned kitchen be without a churn. Yep, bought it used.

How old am I? Well I vividly recall Grandma Elliott churning butter. Up and down, up and down, as she twisted the dasher, get out the wooden paddle and skim off the butter, put it on a plate to drain, save the buttermilk to drink. Of course, everything you bake tastes better with buttermilk, doesn't it? Pancakes made with BLINK milk. Yum Yum!

We already have TWO washboards but we are interested in what else you may be pitching. Yep, you can just by pass the yard sale or thrift store and go directly to the end user. Give me a call. Just junk? Like beauty, its in the eye of the beholder.

God Bless!

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