Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A NEW YEARS RESOLUTION: Service to Country

One of my few, maybe only, New Year's Resolution was to be of service to my country.

Do I plan to reup in the Navy? No, but I have thought about it! I ran into a Navy recruiter who was going to work early one morning and told him I'd changed my mind. Probably thinking this old man's probably nuts, and he may be right, he asked about what had I changed my mind.

I told the recruiter that fifty-some years ago the Navy asked me to reenlist saying they would promote me a grade, pay me a $600 reup bonus, give me 60 days leave and reassign me to my choice of ships. I said thanks but no thanks. I told the recruiter I'd changed my mind, could I still get the $600? He chuckled as he told me I'd waited too long.

So, no, I'm not planning to reup the Navy, they won't have me. I don't know why not. As can be seen here, I can still pick up the pretty girls.

To my way of thinking, our country is on a dangerous course far exceeding the danger of the Korean War in which I was involved. We are getting farther and farther away from our Constitution. I resolved that once a week this year I would use the power of this blog, to what extent that may be, to voice the reason for my concern.

This might be the place to say that I am not a Democrat. Neither am I a Republican. I am registered as an Independent. In the past I have voted both ways. Given a viable choice today, I would probably be a "Tea Party" person. Along with those folks, I think we need to throw out the rascals in both parties.

At the top of the list of rascals, to my way of thinking, is our President and Vice President. Had not John McCain refused to allow Sarah Palin to expose their past, choosing rather to just point out the difference in how the two contestants planned to lead the country, there is no way Obama would be president today.

Michelle Malkin, in her book Culture of Corruption, lists some of the FACTS that the country is prone to forget as they listen to the smooth delivery of false promises Obama makes over and over today.
Today, let us review one of the good Senator from Illinois's promises as he sought the office of President. THE PROMISE: I am in this race to tell the corporate lobbyists that their days of setting the agenda in Washington are over.......they will not run my White House. So said Senator Obama in Des Moines, Iowa in November 2007.
THE FACTS: A year later, then President Obama, threw open his transition office and the Oval Office to the nation's leading lobbyists and influence peddlers.
* Tom Daschle was a lobbyist in everything but technical terms;
* Attorney General Eric Holder had been a registered as a lobbyist.
* Tom Vilsack, Obama's Agriculture Secretary, had been a registered lobbyist.
* Ron Klain, Chief of Staff to Biden, had been a registered lobbyist.
* Leon Panetta had been a lobbyist-lite, raking in hundred of thousand of dollars.
* Patrick Gaspard, Obama's Political director was a former chief lobbyist.
* David Hayes, deputy director of the Interior, was a lobbyist.
* William Corr, Obama's choice for Health and Human Services, was a lobbyist.
* Mark Patterson, was tapped for chief of staff of Treasury Secretary Geithner, had been a lobbyist.
You may remember the old TV detective story of a by gone days in which the good Sgt. Friday said "The Facts, Mam, Just the Facts". A fact, Sgt. Friday, BIRDS OF A FEATHER REALLY DO FLOCK TOGETHER!
My dear Mother's good advice comes to mind. Anyone who lies will cheat, anyone who will cheat will steal. Avoid liars, cheats and thieves. Good advice Mom.
In the next episode we'll write about President Obama's cabinet of tax cheats, crooks, and cronies.
God Bless Us and God Bless the USA

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