Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Twenty-nine years ago Julie and I were married in a small United Methodist Church by the minister who had been Julie's pastor in her youth. It has been a great marriage full of challenges and battles won and lost.

When we were married but a few months we both lost our jobs in a plant closing. We did not hit the panic button, instead we bought a travel trailer and traveled the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Week by week, month by month we signed up for our unemployment from one state to another. It was, and still is, the only time since I was 17 that I was not gainfully employed. Not to worry, I had a position waiting for me as a Stock Broker with Merrell-Lynch at the end of the three months.

I think it would be good for most new marriages if the couples could enjoy a three month honeymoon having good times, free from stress. Well, our three month jaunt was not exactly a honey moon. We took our honeymoon in January. We also took my brother and sister-in-law on the honeymoon with us in our customized van touring Florida.

Uh, yes, unusual--but it was a great time, believe me. Fishing, picking green beans and tomatoes, going to Disney World, we did it all, right down to Key West. In this picture my new bride picked mangoes for the first time. Wasn't she a sweetie? She still is!

On our way home we would detour to Birmingham, Alabama to visit my other brother. In our first five years of marriage we would visit Disney Land/World five times.

We did, and still do, make our married life a day-by-day, year-by-year adventure. Yes, we're both a bit beat up physically but we can still "move" and we intend to keep the party going!

We have shared the the sadness of losing parents, all our siblings and one grandchild. We have shared the excitement of our children's marriages. We discovered the wonderful world of being grandparents, and great grandparents.

Prior to our marriage Julie and I acknowledged that we were two different people. While we had the same basic values, we each liked different things.

For example, Julie has many collections. One of her favorites is two spoon collections. Shown here is the collection of spoons from the countries she has visited around the world. She also has a domestic collection. I have no interest in spoons unless there is a dish of ice cream close by.

On-the-other-hand, Julie has no desire to cross the USA on a trike. We tolerate one anothers differences giving whatever support we can.

Of course there were many things we enjoyed doing together. We both love dressing up for a masquerade ball. We walked away with first prize in Toronto when we competed with some high priced outfits in a simple, homemade indian costume. We stayed in character and danced the "war dance" all night. Fun, Fun, Fun!

In Maui we enjoyed a Pirates Party. Does this picture of Julie and my son Mark look a bit out of focus? It's not. Julie just had a few too many MiTi's. HA

Julie enjoyed the ski slopes. Me? Why would I leave a good warm fireplace to slide down a slippery slope on a pair of barrel staves? It would take more than those two small sticks to keep me upright.

We both like to dance. Julie is the best partner I have ever danced with, and I've danced with more than a few, having taught dance classes. Here we are heading for a night of waltzing in Vienna, Austria.

We've cruised the Carribean. We've made several visits to Europe and, I think, four trips to Hawaii. We have spent the month of October in a penthouse suite in Myrtle Beafch for 18 years. Life is good! For our 30th, next year, the Good Lord willing and the Krick don't get too high, we plan to cruise the Med, visiting Italy and Greece.

I have now been retired for nearly 20 years and Julie for 20 years has enjoyed a key position with a firm she likes, doing a job she enjoys, most of the time. Julie could retire but plans to continue working. The health insurance she earns for us is quite valuable at our ages.

What does one do for a 29th anniversary? Julie took the day off and we slept in until 8:00AM. I fixed Julie's favorite breakfast, For dinner tonight we will go to our favorite Mexican Restraurant, Casa Del Rio. This is the nearest thing to being in Mexico, and we have been in Mexico. It was early and not crowded and we both order the same platter and have enough food for both of us for two days. We have a bottle of champaign that we didn't use to welcome in the New Year. We'll may crack that. No, not very exciting--but very comfortable. Anymore, we like comfortable.

God Bless

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Kimberly Pierce-Boggs said...

What a sweet tribute, Dad! I thought this was your 30th. Weren't you married in '80? Or was it '81??