Wednesday, March 31, 2010

79 AND COUNTING: Happy Birthday, Walt!

Well, now, it is past midnight and officially March 31, 2010. IT IS MY 79th BIRTHDAY! WooHoo!

It looks as if tomorrow may be a busy day so I wanted to be sure to get in one more blog this month. You might ask why seeing as how I have alreadry written 18 blogs this month. This will be my 19th blog. I have never written 19 blogs in any month since I first started blogging in September 2008. I wrote 18 in March 2009 and 18 again in November 2009. But, 19 is a new record.

I truly enjoy blogging and am intrigued by the folks that respond from across the country and around the world. A few days ago I heard from Lil, a delightful sounding lady in Colorado. About 10 new people read my blog profile each week and the total is now up to 830. THANKS EVERYONE FOR YOUR INTEREST.

Is there some kind of a prize for writing 19 blogs in a month? Not really. I suppose it is just from a life of always striving to do better and do more. What can I say? Un Huh! Strictly a Type A personality. I am working on that, however, and my wife thinks that some where along the line I have actually grown mellow. MELLOW......ME??? Ummmmm!

I am well and am thankful for good health. I was to the doctor yesterday for my regular three month check up. Doctor Finneran wants my blood pressure to be in the area of 130 over 70. My diastolic was 70 but the systolic was up to 154. He increased the Norvasc a bit and I will continue to monitor my blood pressure daily. My glucose level has been a bit high also, but just barely. It should be under 120 but has been averaging about 127.

I have been eating healthy, getting more exercise and losing weight and, from experience, know that the sugar will drop in response to those activities. I declined Julie's offer to bake me a cake. Wow, I love her Doctor Bird cake but asked her not to do it. I've still got a lot of weight to lose to reduce stress on my hip.

My left hip is still a bummer, but improving daily. While it is not 100% yet, it is pr0bably 80%. I can walk almost normal and no longer have pain at night. In addition to my daily "stretches" when I rotate every joint in my body, I have added the exercises I learned in Physical Therapy. A couple months ago I couldn't put on my sock or dry my foot because of loss of motion, and pain, in my left side. That has mostly subsided now. I am optimistic that I will be able to ride my trike soon.

My oldest son, Mark, called to take me out for my birthday. While he offered to drive all the way to my home, I agreed to meet him half way again for lunch. That will be a treat. Time spent with Mark is so enjoyable that I'm sure God does not substract it from my alloted time. NO, I DON'T HAVE ANY PROOF, JUST TRUST ME, I KNOW!

The outlook for the year is nothing less than awesome. I won't make this blog overly long and list all my plans but it promises to be a great year starting with me moving to the lake in another week or so.

Let the good times roll!

God Bless!



Phatmom said...

Happy Birthday, Cousin! We wish you a wonderful day and a blessed year ahead. Yes, it's going to be awesome!

Mark Pierce said...

Can't believe someone already beat me to the comment line! Some cousins need to learn how to sleep in! Anyway, dad, happy birthday! Looking forward to our lunch. All my love, Mark

Todd Pierce said...

Happy Birthday, Dad. Can't wait to see you at the Lake on Tuesday! :D